Why Does My Girlfriend Feel Loose Sometimes?

Why does my girlfriend feel loose sometimes

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Have you ever felt wondered during your private moments? And I felt like why does my girlfriend feel loose sometimes. With PersuadeEd, we would try to justify that occasionally loose doesn’t mean cheating. We will list every possible reason one by one and explain why it feels loose or loose. If you haven’t yet understood what we are talking about here, let’s say this straightforward. Here we are talking about one of the giant male egos. And it is v*ginal tightness. For every man, v*ginal tightness is one of the biggest concerns. But on the other side, i.e., for girls, this is a sensitive issue because they feel insecure when someone talks to them about losing their private parts. 

We are going to burst every myth related to the topic. First of all, let’s clear this from the very start. There is nothing like loose v*gina. But, it happens a few times in some woman’s life. If you do some exercise and use some tactics, including diet, you and your girlfriend will be happy for life. 

For every man it’s like a Ph.D. to understand female anatomy. This is why we will help you out with the help of experts. We will be asking the experts- “why does my girlfriend feel loose sometimes.” There was an old saying trusting the experts takes more than belief. 

Feeling loose is not cheating but a problem.

In the old era, the word ‘loose” for women was used for the loose morals of women who cheated on their spouses. From then to now, this word had been used for the same. But the only thing which could be the reason for loose v*gina is aging and childbirth. 

But if you are trying to force these beauty and society standards, you may end up embarrassing your girlfriend in public and in bed. It would start to pay an impact on mental health and performance. These are just society standards that loose means undesirable, and tight is more desirable. 

In the long term, it would be affecting you in many times:

  • It’s possible that your girlfriend will no longer be interested in having sex with you.
  • In this case, it is possible that she will not be able to have orgasms.
  • Her insecurities may be so strong that she refuses to engage in sexual activity at all.
  • This may also lead to difficulties with rage and negativity.

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Myth Buster for why does my girlfriend feel loose sometimes

As promised, we would be busting every myth related to why my girlfriend sometimes feels loose. So here are some myths about loose:

Having Sex Too Often

In the loose vs. tight first thing which comes to every man’s mind is having sex too often. This is entirely a myth. V*gina muscles have elasticity. V*gina is made for expansion and contract due to lubes and elasticity. If you or your girlfriend had stopped being intercourse due to this reason. Then feel free this is only a myth and has nothing to do with loose. 

Losing virginity

This is reasonably related to the above myth, and the answer is similar. To say again, extreme elasticity characterizes a woman’s v*gina muscles, which means they may expand in response to external forces. As a result, it’s compatible with both thin and thick p*nis.

Intercourse With Different Partners

Maybe this could be true at a 1% chance that she had many partners before you. But if you ask your girlfriend, then this would be very offensive for you. More than offensive, it would be unnecessary for you. According to the experts’ number of partners or how much a girl had intercourse before is not a matter of concern for loose v*gina. 

The real reason behind a loose v*gina

If you concern a gynecologist, you may not find the real reason for loose because this could be due to any psychological problem. 

Aging factors in women

There is an old saying that a man is also a man in his 60s, but a woman becomes old after 45. The muscles in the v*gina, like those in the rest of the body, become weak and sagging as we get older. They’re losing their ability to be as tight as they were before. Of course, there are no sagging men’s balls, but this is as accurate as they come. The v*ginal muscles degenerate in the same way as the sacks do.

Hormonal Changes

When a woman becomes 45, then she has significant hormonal changes. When a woman is going through various hormonal changes in her life, this might result in a looser v*gina. For example, around menopause, the vulva and v*gina experience a number of changes.


The walls of the v*gina may tear down after delivery, causing the v*gina to stretch. However, this is a reversible process.

These 3 reasons were for old age or after marriage facts. But you may ask why my girlfriend feels loose sometimes is she cheating; if your girlfriend is not married. 

Reason for low age yet loose 

If your girlfriend is under 30 years and you feel loose. Then we would be telling you reasons for why does my girlfriend feels loose sometimes is she cheating.

She Is Too Wet

V*ginal dryness and tightness are both caused by some substances, such as marijuana and alum. V*ginas that are too tight will not allow for a pleasurable experience during intercourse. As a result, your spouse may be too wet or very lubricant-dependent when it comes to women.

Due To The Sexual Position

The v*ginal walls might get wider in specific sex postures. Change your usual posture and see how you feel. The Cello and The Cobra are best you could try if you think this might be a reason. 


You may be surprised to learn that psychological variables and a woman’s unconscious mind significantly impact the v*gina. For example, stress and despair may cause the v*gina to feel slack. Also, it might be the result of a shock or a neurological condition.

Ways to deal with Loose V*gina

  • Kegel Exercise is the first secret you need to learn to tighten your girlfriend’s v*gina. If you did yoga, start with simple yoga, and after a few days, start doing kegel exercises. 
  • The second thing to be fit by go gym. If your girlfriend has massive body fat, then try to do some weight lifting kind of exercise. Vaginal cones and kegel balls may be used for such activities. 
  • The third thing your girlfriend could follow is a diet plan. If your girlfriend wants to tight her v*gina then make her drink some cranberry juice, avocado, carrots, etc. 
  • Finally, If you are finding a one-time fun, you could try some CBD Gummies or rub some alum on v*gina. These are pretty dangerous to do, but you would see some impact on the bed.

Final Wording from Author

We hope you have now understood why does my girlfriend feels loose sometimes. To end our words, we could only say it’s not her loose v*gina. It’s your mind which is thinking this. If you concentrate on everything said above, you will be happy with your sexual life. 

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