(a) Written manuals

(b) Complaints 

(c) Memos  

(d) Notices 


1) Orders

2) Management Policies

3) Performance reports

4) Oral demonstrations

Before moving onto the examples of upward communication, first, we need to understand upward communication.

Information moves upwards from lower-level employees to higher-level employees (also known as vertical communication). For example, a worker reporting to a supervisor, or a team leader reporting to a department manager, is an example of upward communication.

A downward communication message within an organization occurs as information and statements flow from a higher level to a lower level. Therefore, an organization’s success depends on effective downward communication.

We have eight different options here with two sets of four options each; let’s look at these options.

Option A is written manuals. Senior management people provide written manuals to operators and other low-level employees. So this is an example of downward communication. Therefore, option A is not the correct answer.

Option B is complaints, complaints move from low level to upper-level employees, so this is the example of upward or vertical communication. Therefore, option B is the correct answer.

Option C is Memos. Memos are generally used within an organization to communicate rules, procedures, or assigned official business. So this is also an example of downward communication. 

Option D is Notices. Notices also consider the same communication flow as memos, from higher management to low-level employees. This is also a downward communication example. That is why Option D is a wrong answer.

From the first four options, we got our answer that is option B

Now we will check for the other four options, which are examples of upward communication.

The first option is Orders; senior employees or managers give orders to their junior employees, the flow of communication is downward. This is not an example of upward communication. So the first option is incorrect.

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The second option is Policies. The flow of communication is the same as the orders from a higher level to a lower level. This is also not an example of upward communication. Therefore, the second option is not the correct answer as well.

The third option is performance reports. In an organization, usually, lower-level employees report to higher-level managers verbally or written. This is an example of upward communication. Therefore, the third option is correct.

The fourth option is Oral demonstrations. The manager or seniors use oral demonstrations to explain a procedure or protocol for a job. This is also an example of downward communication. The fourth option is also not the correct answer.