When a Man Disappears Without an Explanation

When a Man Disappears Without an Explanation

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Starting phase of a relationship is very crucial to every couple. Some women ask us when a man disappears without an explanation from their life. Many questions usually ran into their mind. The major part of the question is, what’s wrong with them just happened?! 

Let’s just start with a scenario. There was a girl named Tina. Tina finds a guy in her workplace very attractive. And talking to him, she felt like she had finally found Mr. Perfect for her. They exchanged phone numbers. One day a boy resigned from the office. No phone calls, zero messages from that guy. And that guy disappeared from Tina’s life without an explanation. Tina is feeling guilty for what she had not done. So, let’s see explanations by psychologists when a man disappears without an explanation.

Let’s give you a straightforward explanation for why man disappears without any explanation. It’s common for a woman to lose interest in a man for a specific reason. But, unfortunately, that isn’t always the case for men. Often, he loses interest since he no longer feels the same way about the subject matter. Often, he is unable to articulate a specific justification for his actions. So, why does he now have no desire to contact or meet Tina again? He doesn’t know. So, let’s now discuss when a man disappears without an explanation.

When he disappears suddenly due to your mistakes

1: You were much obsessed with him to be your Mr. Perfect

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This is the mistake that anyone could make from the very start. You were planning every step to be his partner. You were planning dates and parties or something very suspicious to just look perfect for him. In many cases, men disappear when they see a girl over-touch or something like that. 

The fact that you didn’t know him meant that you couldn’t recognize him for who he was. So were you looking for a chance to start a connection with this person finally? Rather, it’s a chance to get to know someone else.

Intuitively, we know when someone is using us as a tool to achieve their own goals and wants. But, when you connect with him, you’re not connecting with his genuine nature, but rather with a Mr. Perfect. So, you have to learn not to find a Mr. Perfect, rather find someone who thinks you are Mrs. Perfect.

2: Throw your desperation in trash

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As we told above in point 1, you are obsessed with them being your Mr. Perfect. He might be your Mr. Perfect. But desperation could ruin your relationship forever. So don’t feel desperate that he will want you as you want him in life. 

Let’s come to Tina’s case again. Here, Tina shows her bad side to the man because she just wants him to like her. That “cool chick” who doesn’t care in the world and just lets him do what he wants is Tina’s goal. Rather than being a nag or needy woman, Tina allows him to get away with everything because Tina is afraid of upsetting the status quo. Of course, it doesn’t help that Tina seems to have no standards or self-respect and is willing to accept any kind of behavior from him.

It’s easy to become trapped in a dead-end relationship or no connection at all if you’re the one attempting to convince him to like you.

Needing someone to validate your sense of desperation, you cling to him like a lifeline because he gives you that sense of security.

3: You’re always worried and never enjoying the moments

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In the end, the men who aren’t interested in you become obsessed with you, and the interested ones end up dumping you, stringing you along, or ghosting you.

What Tina needed to focus on was discovering her relationship. Discovering, learning more about, and choosing your feelings are all part of the process. You’ve decided to be with him, and he’s able to show his affection for you because of that.

Is he the man you’ve been feeling a strong attraction to? You’ll succeed, no matter what, because he’s the one!

But what Tina was doing was something else. She was planning her relationship with the man. She was worried that her plans might go wrong. She planned to enjoy the moment later, not now. And that is what triggered the man to leave her. 

4: You accepted the proposal too quick

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Look what’s just happened in a hurry; what you made in accepting his proposal created a mess overall. He is not ready to accept you as a girlfriend, and you are not prepared to lose him on any condition. 

For a man, it’s too much to handle. It’s okay for men to have the option of deciding what they want to do. They don’t like being pushed into a commitment they don’t want to make.

Because you’ve given your life to him, he doesn’t feel forced to commit. Because it doesn’t seem earned, that’s undesirable. Because we didn’t earn it, we can’t fully understand its worth to us.

5: You trusted wrong men

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Trusting a man is an intense thing. You not just remove your clothes in a relationship but also put your whole trust in your partner. That your partner won’t let you harm anything and everything in this world. Wait before trusting a guy on his looks, bank balance, or lifestyle. If you trust a man just because his eyes are Katy or he looks charming, and his height matches yours. Trust the guy you know that will stand in your worst. We won’t say that you should make a relationship without looking at all the above things. But close your eyes for a few seconds and list all the things he has done for you. Look when money and everything in the world looks black and white, and his reactions become colorful in your life. 

When a guy takes the initiative to disappear from life

1: He is not ready for a relationship

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When a man disappears without an explanation, this could mean that he is not ready for a relationship. Sometimes guys get into pumping looking their seniors committed. And what they do to look cool is that they try to get into a relationship even when they are not ready.  

What happened when you accepted this proposal and got committed with this young blood was that he got scared. Maybe he would tell you that what he fears, or perhaps he goes disappears without an explanation. What you could do in this situation is to calm down and not cry. Then, your baby would be back when situations get under control. 

2: Immaturity and male ego stop them from texting back

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When a man disappears without an explanation, then you shouldn’t be worried about that. He may be too immature for a long-term relationship if he refuses to respond to your phone calls and messages.

As long as the two of you are compatible, it should be possible for him to tell you that. Your Mr. Perfect should have no problem telling you whether or not they are incompatible with each other.

You’ll know what’s going on and not get your hopes up if you do this. But, nevertheless, because he suddenly left you, it’s clear that he’s still too inexperienced for you.

He doesn’t deserve you in the first place, so don’t even think about waiting for him.

3: He already has another woman in life and keeping you as an option

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When a man disappears without an explanation, then there is a possibility that he is keeping you as an option. You could confirm this by checking whether or not this is the first time in your life.

Rather than end things ideally, he keeps the door slightly open. Having not formally terminated things, he is free to come back at any time.

When you first started dating, he never informed you that you weren’t his type or that he didn’t feel the same way about you as you felt about him. Instead, he just walked away without explanation so that he might return to your life in the same manner that he had left it.

For some time, he’ll make excuses for his absence and behave as if nothing occurred. To keep him happy, you must provide him the ability to stroll back into your life at any time you want.

For him, it’s like having a relationship without commitment. It’s the fantasy of every naive young guy! But, when it comes to this situation, you must accept that you will never be more than a choice. If he doesn’t have any other options, he’ll turn to you for help.

4: Anger and possessive nature of a man

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Sometimes, the nature of the men is quite possessive and angry. And that doesn’t exactly match with your nature. These kinds of personalities could come back in life when their anger disappears, and they feel your need. 

For a reason, they love you (maybe or maybe or not). But the clash between you both makes him angry sometimes. To sort out his anger, he just disappears without an explanation. As he is also needy for you. The fire on both sides is equal. You are not alone waiting for him. But he is also keeping his personality separate from you.

He doesn’t want you to meet someone who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated, so he keeps you on the sidelines. Because you don’t fit his criteria, he understands he can never be serious about a long-term relationship with you.

In his own mind, he is being possessive. That would imply that he’d lose you for good, and thus he’s afraid to let you go.

His possessive psyche can’t tolerate that, and I know that for a fact.

5: He is good at playing Mind Games with you

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When you don’t follow his rules, then he might be angry about that. His presence in your life is very important for you. And this is the point exactly where he triggers you. He goes from your life, no calls or texts. You just spend your time waiting for him and searching for “when a man disappears without an explanation”. Finally, just after a few days of this all, he comes back to your life. And you will hear a strong explanation from him why he has to leave without telling you anything. 

Want to find out where is your disappeared man

It feels a lot of different emotions when we see someone in our life is missing. There is something that continuously hits us. We check our phone every second that our love will call us. Somewhere something might not be wrong with him. And at a point, we feel like a person is dealing with something way beyond our imagination. What we need is just an explanation. Dead or alive, single, committed, or just married; doesn’t even affect us. We keep waiting for an explanation when a man disappears.

Let’s find out the right decisions you could make when a man disappears without an explanation.

1: Ask his roommate about him

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When a man disappears without an explanation, then you could rely on his friends to check whether he is okay or not first of all. If his friends say they haven’t had contact with him for a while. Then you have to stay strong and check on him further. The second case could be he is okay with them but not talking to you. In that case, you can go to his place. Sit together and strongly hug him until he tells what happened. Even if you want to close this chapter, you should try to talk to him. 

2: Try to find his permanent residence address

It happened sometimes; nothing wrong had happened with men. They are just gone to meet his parents, grandparents, or someone else. Being a girlfriend, you should have some clues of where he could go. Like, he might have bills, photos, or something which could tell you about his location. If you are unable to find out, ask his friends to help you. 

You should understand that his roommate spends more time with him than you spend. So even if you are still unknown to them, try to expose yourself to them. 

3: Check his parting places and friends

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Sometimes all your care and stress are useless. Because that person whom you love and finding from the days are not Mr. Perfect. They don’t even care to call or text you that it’s over. They don’t know how it feels when a man disappears without an explanation. What they were be doing, in that case, was enjoying their holidays with their stupid friends. 

If you find out your disappeared men, then let him know what you want from him. And understand his feelings. If he were mature enough to be in a relationship, he would be holding your hands forever. 

How to move on when a man disappears without an explanation?

When a man disappears without an explanation, and you don’t find any explanation for suddenly disappearing. You should move on in life in that case. You shouldn’t be sitting in your room and waiting for him to come and wipe your tears down. Nobody will be coming to do that. There are many more important things in life than a man who disappeared without an explanation. So here is what you could do: 

1: Plan a trip with your friends, family or maybe alone

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The motive over here is to move on in life. Just not sit in the room waiting for someone to come. So get up and tie your hair. Plan something you have been waiting to do for a long time. This could be a trip to Vegas or Thailand or Bahá’í House of Worship: Wilmette, Illinois.

2: Delete his contact

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We are not saying to delete his contact from your phone rather we are saying to implement this to every place of your life. For example, your best friend still has a touch with him. Maybe she is unaware of the fact that you have finally moved on. So make sure that you don’t have any contact with him now. 

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3: Try to remove your favorite memories

We are not saying to delete your memories completely. But at least move these photos and videos to a place where you will least see them in the future. If you couldn’t do that, these photos would come to you every day whenever you open the phone. If you still want to save these photos, then you could store this on an external storage device like a memory card or pen drive. This would eventually help you to move on after the initial stages of breakup or whatever is happening to you. 

Final Wording from Author

This was the end of when a man disappears without an explanation. I hope you will get the reason why he disappeared. Feel free to comment below the post with any advice for other girls out there. Here is a question for all: when a guy disappears, does he ever come back? You have to answer this question in the comments on the page. 

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