What Are Life Path Numbers and Here’s How To Find It

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Numerology is all about numbers and understanding the mystical meanings attached to it. Numerology is often confused with Astrology. Where astrology studies the relative positions of celestial bodies, numerology deals with numbers .Numbers have a great role to play in all our lives. They can be used to better understand our life activities as well as find out the deeper meanings of our life. Numbers have a unique energy and you can benefit from these energies only when you know your life path number.

What are Life Path Numbers in Numerology? 

Life Path Numbers are one digit numbers, derived from our date of birth. These numbers have a great significance in all our life happenings. It helps to understand activities in our past and derive meaningful conclusions to know what may happen in the future. Life path numbers are useful in revealing our strengths, weaknesses, character, ambitions, talents, and hobbies. It helps us to put light in our life experiences that occurred in the past or present and would happen in the future. You can use the Life path number calculator to calculate your life path number. Below, you will learn how to calculate it. 

Know How To Calculate Life Path Number

Calculating Life Path Numbers is a very simple and easy task. We all know our date of birth. We just have to add all of them and reduce it to the nearest whole number except in the case of 11, 22 and 33. Life Path numbers are between 1- 9. 11 and 22 are considered as master numbers. The addition is very simple and we would be citing an example for your better understanding. 

Suppose you are born in 24th May 1988, then your life path number would be calculated as follows:- 

1. You need to arrange your date of birth in number format.so, 24th May 1988 would be written as 24.05.1988 

2. Next you need to individually add the date first, i.e 2+4=6 

3. The month would also be added,i.e 0+8=8 

4. The year would be also added, i.e 1+9+8+8=26 the number 26 would then be reduced to ,2+6=8 

5. Finally we will individually add the numbers of date + month+year, i.e 6+8+8=22 

Since 22 is a master number we would not add 2+2 and make it 4 , rather leave it as 22. But if in place of 22 the sum would have been 23 then we would add 2+3 and 5 would then be the life path number. 

What are Master Number 11,22 and 33? 

3 master numbers – 11,22 and 33 are there in numerology. These numbers attract great cosmic power. These numbers have either great positive or negative value. Though most people are only aware of the single digit life path number, these 3 master numbers hold great power. Master numbers have a bittersweet journey, one some phases they have great strengths, in others they face a lot of difficulty. Many consider the master number 11, 22 and 33 to be the triangle of enlightenment. The 3 numbers signify the combination of envisioning the future, creativity and sharing worldly knowledge. 

What Does Life Path Number TellYou AboutYourself? Want to know the deep secrets of your life? What kind of person you are and what are your traits, your life path number will tell you all about this. Life path number also tells you the compatibility you share with other life path numbers. So let’s find out the deeper meanings of all the life path numbers –

Life Path Number 1 – 

People with Life Path number 1 have great individuality, personality and leadership qualities are mostly winners in their life. They stand by their decisions and stick to it to achieve something great in their life. They are often hard working and multi-taskers in real life. They have a greater chance of success if they chose to be Politicians, teachers, investors and professors. They share a good level of compatibility with Life Path Number 3,5 and 6. 

Life Path Number 2 – 

Life Path number 2 is peace loving in nature and love harmony. They can handle any difficult situation and act as mediators. They are cooperative in nature and are known for their flexible nature.They can be great counselors and teachers. They are highly compatible withLife path number 4,6,8 and 9. 

Life Path Number 3 – 

They are creative people and they are very imaginative in nature. They are disciplined in nature and can become great artists too. Being romantic in nature, they’re very loyal to their partners and share great compatibility with Life Path Number 1, 5 and 7. 

Life Path Number 4 –

People with Life Path Number number 4 tend to act as a security number and provide security to people surrounding them. They believe in their instincts and act accordingly. They are very loyal, loving and caring towards their relationship and share great compatibility with life path numbers 2, 7 and 8. 

Life Path Number 5 – 

They are a seeker of freedom and they love to change places. They are adventurous and fearless in nature. In relationships they are attractive and charismatic and share good compatibility with life path numbers 1,3 and 7. 

Life Path Number 6 – 

People with Life path number 6 are nurturers by birth and they tend to share love, care and humanity. They perform greatly in the field of medicine and education. They have the power to win anything with the power of love. They share good compatibility with life path numbers 1,2 and 9. 

Life Path Number 7 – 

They tend to be seekers of knowledge. They are truth lovers even if the truth is bitter sweet in nature. They have chances of more success in the field of science, research and investigation. They have an urge of independence and are compatible with life path number 3,5 and 7. 

Life Path Number 8 – 

People with life path number 8 tend to be energetic, focused and a multi tasker in real life. They have very good management skills and become great leaders in their workspace. They love to read people and share good compatibility with life path number 2 and 8. 

Life Path Number 9 – 

People with life path number 9 share a unique character and are mysterious in nature. They do nicely in the field of debate, education and writing. They are secretive in nature and difficult to open up at first. They share great compatibility with life path numbers like 2 and 6.

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