Worst Sodas to Stay Away From Right Now

Fanta released a vacation-flavored beverage in 2020. 20 oz bottle equals 20 Oreo Thins in sugar. While looking at Christmas photos, add fresh fruit to your drink.

Fanta Piña Colada

Sprite is a classic lemon-lime soda, but just one bottle is packing more sugar than 13 Oreo cookies. 


Coca-Cola combined its cherry and vanilla soda tastes. It's a 65-gram-sweet drink. Yes, that's additional sugar.

Coca-Cola Cherry Vanilla

Pepsi added a dash of vanilla to its original flavor and again, that's not making it any healthier. Speaking of…

Pepsi Vanila

The classic Pepsi actually flavor has one more gram of sugar than the vanilla variety!


Pepsi's Wild Cherry is sweeter than Dr Pepper's. It contains as much sugar as 25 Sour Patch Watermelon candies. Scary!

Pepsi Wild Cherry

An apple before a meal may help you consume less calories, according to a research. But drinking Fanta's green apple soda before supper won't help.

Fanta Green Apple

This bottle of A&W root beer includes 76 grammes of sugar, so imagine a root beer float.

A&W Root Beer

Mtn Dew bottles contain 77g of sugar. Yikes. Consider your teeth to determine soda's long-term impacts. Studies link soda consumption to tooth decay.

Mtn Dew

A new research indicated that eating mango may minimise wrinkles. Fanta's mango drink has more sugar than 21 Chips Ahoy.

Fanta Mango

Mtn Dew's take on orange soda is just as bad as the original flavor. Don't even bother drinking any Live Wire!

Mtn Dew Live Wire

In case you were wondering, an actual doctor did not create this soda. With 250 calories and 64 grams of sugar per bottle, that should be obvious!

Dr. Pepper

Fruit-flavored drinks trending? Sugary. Pineapple has several advantages. It boosts mood, immunity, and digestion. Fanta loses them all.

Fanta Pineapple

Coca-Cola releases this cinnamon flavour over the holidays, so you should stock up. Our list includes limited-time flavours.

Coca-Cola Cinnamon

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