who is errol musk ?

1. Errol wears many different hats.

 Errol, born in 1945, is (perhaps most tellingly as Elon’s dad) listed as a pilot and electromechanical engineer. 

But he’s also been known as a consultant, sailor, and property developer, and was a co-owner of an emerald mine in Zambia.

2. He was only married once.

Though Errol apparently fathered children with multiple women, he’s only been married once, to model and dietician Maye Musk, (nee Haldeman) now 74. 

Elon, born Jun2 28, 1971, 49-year-old chef and entrepreneur Kimbal Musk, born in 1972, and their only daughter together, 47-year-old filmmaker Tosca Musk, born in 1974.

3. Errol has seven children.

Errol revealed in his July 2022 interview with The Sun that he had two “unplanned” children with his stepdaughter, Jana

He also reportedly had two daughters with her mother, Heide, whom he was married to for almost two decades — Asha and Alexandra Musk are Elon’s half-sisters, per a separate report in The Sun.

4. He believes strongly in procreation

Like his son Elon, Errol is very open about how he feels about having children. “The only thing we are on Earth for is to reproduce,” he told The Sun. 

“If I could have another child I would. I can’t see any reason not to.” He added that the world might be very different if he’d hesitated to have his older children, as well. 

5. He has been accused of violence.

Maye didn’t hold back when telling Harper’s Bazaar about her allegedly toxic relationship with Errol. 

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