10 foods for glowing skin

Citrus Fruits

It hydrates and firms skin. Vitamin C deficiency can lead to multiple skin diseases. Incorporate these fruits into your diet to see results.


When we think of cucumbers and skin, we picture someone with a slice on each eye and a face pack. They cool the skin.


This prevents breakouts and skin dryness and keeps your complexion glowing. If you don't like plain yoghurt, add it to smoothies and fruit salads.

Green Tea

It contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a phytonutrient that protects skin from free radicals and prevents dark spots and premature ageing.


They have wound-healing vitamins A, E, and C. They reduce fine lines and acne scars. Mangoes rejuvenate and glow skin.


Beta-carotene protects against UV rays and prevents skin cell overproduction. This reduces sebum-clogging dead cells.


Almonds are vitamin E-rich. This vitamin heals and prevents sun damage. Vitamin E fights free radicals in the body.


Vitamins A, C, and K help make skin glowing and clear. Spinach makes skin look younger by delaying ageing.


Antioxidants in them fight body free radicals. You can include fruit slices or juice in your breakfast.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate's flavanol reduces skin roughness and acts as a sunblock. Reduced oxidative stress prevents premature skin ageing.

effects of giving up chocolate

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