Camping Food and Drink Hacks

One way to cut down on clean-up? Instead of traditional tacos or another messy Mexican dish, opt for campfire walking tacos (like these from This Lil Piglet)

 Bag of Chips

Pizza is indeed possible while camping, with our favorite method being a parchment paper-lined Dutch oven because of the easy cleanup

 Oven Pizza

Coolers can help keep food chilled for short amounts of time, but if you want to really prolong your grub, freeze what you won’t be using right away. Camping for several days


Since we’re talking coolers, allow us to upgrade your ice situation.freeze a bunch of water bottles ahead of time and pack your cooler with them

 Water Bottles > Ice

If mason jars aren’t part of your camping prep, you might want to reconsider. Mason jars keep food fresh, they’ll protect food from moisture in your cooler

Invest in jars

Planning to have campfire-cooked scrambled eggs or omelets? Save some prep, mess, and cleanup by cracking your eggs ahead of time and putting them in a plastic bottle

Camping egg-Cracking

The sticks you use to roast marshmallows and weenies? You can also wrap biscuit dough—or better yet: cinnamon bun dough!—around the stick and cook it over an open flame


Another option for less messy s’mores: using cones! Take an ordinary waffle cone, stuff it with mini marshmallows, chocolate, and any other fillings (even fruit!


This has nothing to do with showering but instead keeping your food cold and bug-free. You can add some ice to a shower cap

 Shower Caps

Place a single scoop of ground coffee into the center of a small coffee filter, tie it up with thread or floss, and repeat. Now you have a stash of single-serve coffees!



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