9 productive morning tasks

1. Plan ahead!

Plan your day the night before. It shouldn't be minute-by-minute, but it should outline the day's major tasks and first few hours.

2. Resist the snooze

Long-term, extra sleep may benefit your body. 10-minute sleep cycles can't be completed in 10 minutes (which tends to take around 90 minutes).

3. Drink water

 First hydrates. Boost (since the body relies on water to keep all your digestive processes running smoothly).

4. Meditate

Mindfulness is a time-tested way to be more creative, contemplative, and self-aware. Meditation may not boost energy, but it should boost productivity.

5. Exercise

First-thing sweating will pay off. Endorphins, the brain's natural painkillers, are released during exercise.

7. Make coffee (at home)

If caffeine in the morning gets you going, drink it then. Many studies show it helps people feel less groggy and more alert.

8. Eat breakfast

Food gives your body energy, so starting the day with food is energising. Our metabolism is faster in the morning.

9. Spend time with your family and friends

Date yourself. Important family breakfasts. Call a smile-maker before work. Loving relationships boost mood and energy.

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