13 home remedies for constipation

1. Drink more water

Chronic dehydration may cause constipation. To prevent this, stay hydrated. Carbonated (sparkling) water may help ease constipation. Rehydrate them and they'll be fine.

2. Eat more fiber

Increasing dietary fibre intake helps cure constipation. Fibre increases intestine size and consistency, making bowel movements simpler. It also aids digestion.

3. Exercise more

Constipation is linked to sedentism. So some physicians recommend more exercise to move the stool. But not all studies back exercise for constipation. So further research is needed.

4. Drink coffee

For some people, consuming coffee can increase the urge to go to the bathroom. This is because coffee stimulates the muscles in the digestive system

5. Take Senna

Senna is a popular natural laxative. Over-the-counter or internet oral and rectal forms. Ingesting Senna includes glycosides that help bowel movements.

7. prescription laxatives

A person can speak to a doctor or pharmacist about choosing an appropriate laxative. Different types have varying methods of action, but all are effective for constipation

8. Try a low FODMAP diet

Constipation is one. The low FODMAP diet is an IBS diet. Polyols, OOS, and DAS This is done after a time of restricting high FODMAP meals.

9. Eat shirataki noodles

Konjac root glucomannan is a soluble fibre. Some research suggest it may assist with constipation. Glucomannan may work as a prebiotic to improve gut bacterial balance.

10. Eat prebiotic foods

Nondigestible carbs It's a prebiotic. DIETARY FILTRATION PREBIOTICS The prebiotic fibres nurture beneficial bacteria and improve digestion.

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