12 Quick Meals Chains That Use Decrease High quality Beef


Arby's is another popular fast food establishment with no antibiotic policy.


Sonic said in 2017 that it will stop using antibiotics on chicken, but no evidence was provided. Beef-wise


Jack in the Field announced in 2016 it will cease using antibiotics in chicken by 2020, yet their "F" collection performed low on a meat sequencing test.

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen limits antibiotic usage in chicken but not beef, so stick to blizzards (or pork). Chain response report: F.


Domino's aims to switch to pork and beef raised without antibiotics when there's a sufficient supply on the US market. Pizza chain fails meat report.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut plans to utilise antibiotic-free chicken by 2022, but not beef. The pizza firm received a "F" from chain reaction.


Panda Express reportedly has hen antibiotic policy, but not beef. F again!

Buffalo Wild wings

One other string with out coverage means one other failed grade of ‘F.’

starbucks coffee

Shocked to see a beloved espresso chain on this checklist? We have got it. You do not head to Starbucks for beef.

Little Caesars

It's becoming harder to find a national pizza restaurant that cares about meat quality. Little Caesars got a F in chain reaction.

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