10 of the world's best desserts

Alfajores, South America

Peanuts and peanut butter are legumes (like beans and lentils), which accounts for their higher protein content than other popular nuts.

Apfelstrudel, Austria

In the delicate crust lies an apple filling with buttery fried breadcrumbs, raisins and walnuts. The pleasant result is available globally, but Vienna provides the classic.

Baklava, Turkey

This sweet treat is an Ottoman artefact. While it is still enjoyed across the Levant, Balkans, Caucasus, and North Africa, baklava has its spiritual home in Turkey.

Black Forest Cake, Germany

The Black Forest is famous for its cake, fairy tales, and mountain castles. Featuring dark chocolate cake, kirschwasser, and cherries.

Borma, Middle East and Turkey

This aromatic sweet dessert is a baklava relative. To avoid the sticky syrupy syrup wash that baklava has, borma is often fried.

Brownies, United States

In more than a century of brownie making, they've become a mainstay treat, the base for sundaes and a seriously addictive ice cream flavor.

Cannoli, Sicily

A shattering-crisp shell gives way to a creamy cheese filling in this Sicilian classic, whose roots reach deep into the island's diverse culinary history

Cardamom Buns, Sweden

A warm cardamom bun is a wonderful and comforting treat. In a classic Johanna Kindvall dish, crushed cardamom seeds are wrapped in sugar and spice.

Cendol, Singapore

This chilled and silky sweet concoction is a popular in beach restaurants and sidewalk kiosks in Singapore. Iced coconut milk is caramelised with palm sugar syrup.

Chocolate Chip Cookies, United States

A Massachusetts innkeeper unintentionally included chopped chocolate to her cookie recipe. Her meal was featured in a Boston publication.

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