12 Best Fruits for Weight Loss

Pineapple is delicious and full of vitamins and minerals. Pineapple has vitamin C, manganese, and antioxidants. Make smoothies or granita using pineapple.


Watermelon contains 92% water. Its water helps you feel full, and it contains the prostate cancer-protective antioxidant lycopene. Michalczyk


grapefruit diet useful for weight loss? The water content of grapefruit can help you feel fuller, she says. Half a grapefruit, honey, and Greek yoghurt for breakfast.


With six grammes of fibre per pear, pears are a terrific fruit to help you feel full and eat less.


Avocados, which are technically a fruit, are excellent for losing weight since they contain healthy fat. Your body may feel fuller for longer thanks to the fat. 


Because fibre makes you feel fuller, blueberries are a fantastic source of it. Additionally, they're simple to slice up and add to dishes like oatmeal


These berries are a fantastic fibre source.
According to her, they provide eight grammes of fibre per cup, which will keep you satisfied—especially if you combine them with a


Strawberries are a terrific addition to your diet if you're attempting to lose weight because they're low in calories and high in nutrients.


Oranges are a fruit with little calories and a high nutritional content. They are hydrating, tangy, and a filling snack when accompanied with a protein source


Avoid skipping the skin of apples because it contains the majority of the fibre they have to give. The combination of an apple with hard-boiled eggs or a pork stick


Mangoes have fibre, vitamin C, and folate, making them another healthy low-calorie fruit to include in your diet if you're attempting to lose weight


They have an acidic, sour flavour and lots of antioxidants.Put them in a fruit or green salad after cutting them into stars. They're also fantastic diced into a bowl of porridge.


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