14 Benefits Of Saffron For Skin & Health

Saffron contains crocin and crocetin. Certain carotenoids may have anticancer effects, according to preclinical data .

May Reduce Cancer Risk

According to an Italian study, saffron's crocetin enhances brain oxygenation in rats and treats arthritis. Its antioxidant activity presumably causes this effect.

Fight Inflammation
 And Arthritis

 trials, saffranal delayed retinal degeneration. Compound reduces rod and cone photoreceptor loss. Safranal's characteristics could slow retinal degeneration in diseases

 May Boost Vision Health

Saffron's crocin boosts non-REM sleep in rat experiments. Crocetin, another saffron carotenoid, can boost non-REM sleep by 50%.

Help In Insomnia Treatment

Saffron extract's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities may help with nervous system disorders. The spice interacts with cholinergic 

Brain Health

Animal studies demonstrate that saffron has antioxidant, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and anti-hyperlipidemic properties. 

Promote Digestive Health

A rat study linked saffron's wound-healing properties to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action. Saffron increases re-epithelialization in burn wounds

May Heal Burn Wounds

Saffron's carotenoids boost immunity. A study on healthy men found that 100 mg of saffron daily had transient immunomodulatory effects without side effects

 May Enhance Immunity

A saffron-based herbal medicine relieves primary dysmenorrhea. More clinical trials are needed to determine the herbal drug's efficacy, the study stated 

 Relief From Menstrual Symptoms

Saffron strengthens the circulatory system, reducing heart disease risk. The spice's thiamin and riboflavin support heart health and avoid cardiac disorders 

May Improve
 Heart Health

Saffron may help liver metastasis sufferers, according to studies. Saffron's carotenoids may reduce ROS. To reach a conclusion, greater sample sizes

 May Protect
The Liver

Saffron's photoprotective benefits may be related to tannic, gallic, caffeic, and ferulic acids. These chemicals are used in sunscreens and lotions.

 Protect Skin From UV Radiation

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