11 kidney-harming foods

 Dark-colored soda

In addition to calories and sugar, dark sodas contain phosphorus.Phosphorus boosts flavour, extends shelf life, and prevents discoloration.

 Canned foods

Since salt is a preservative, most canned foods are high in sodium.People with kidney disease should limit canned goods due to sodium.

Brown rice

Brown rice has more potassium, phosphorus.Brown rice has 150 mg of potassium and 69 mg of phosphorus per cup.


Potassium-rich bananas.Natural potassium-rich bananas are low in sodium.Bananas can make it hard to limit potassium intake.


Nutrition-rich dairy products.Phosphor, potassium, and protein are present.Dairy and phosphorus-rich foods can harm kidney patients' bones.

Processed meats

Processed meats are linked to chronic diseases due to their preservative content.Salted, dried, cured, or canned meats are processed.

Pickles, olives, and relish

Pickling, olives, and relish.Pickled foods are salted.Pickles have 300mg sodium. 2 tablespoons sweet relish contains 244 mg sodium.


Apricots are C, A, and fiber-rich.Potassium-rich. 427 mg of potassium per cup of fresh apricots.Potassium is higher in dried apricots.


Tomatoes may exceed renal potassium limits.They make sauces raw or stewed.Potassium is 900 mg per cup of tomato sauce.

Dates, raisins, and prunes

Dried fruits are dates, raisins, prunes.Potassium-rich dried fruits.Prunes have 5x more potassium per cup than raw plums.

 chips and crackers

Salty chips, and crackers lack nutrients.It's easy to overeat, increasing salt intake.

plant based protein sources in your diet

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