10 Foods That Can Make You Kill 


Ackee was brought to Jamaica - where it is now considered the national fruit - by Captain William Bligh of "Mutiny on the Bounty" fame


Yes, you can eat a barracuda - that is, if it doesn't eat your first. In Florida, barracuda is a popular fish to catch and eat. You sure to cook up only the smaller fish

Bay leaves

Even watch cooking shows and wonder why the chef always takes the bay leaves out of the sauce or soup before serving.  their jagged edges that make harmful


Hákarl is the meat of Greenland shark, traditionally prepared by burying it in sand to ferment for months, then air-drying it.


Cassava is typically ground into flour. However, because it contains cyanogenic glucosides, cassava must be detoxified by soaking, drying, and scraping

Casu marzu

Casu marzu may not be to everyone's taste, except in Sardinia, where the locals love this cheese - once tagged the "world's most dangerous

Cherry pits

Sweet flesh of the cherry that's dangerous; it's the hard pit that contains cyanide. But don't worry if you swallow a whole pit


Cinnamon, the dark-colored cassia cinnamon is the one you're most likely to buy in the U.S. large quantities of cinnamon may be toxic if you have liver problems

Death mushrooms

There are numerous toxic mushroom varieties, but the efficiency of the death-cap mushroom is so well-known


Fugu, or blowfish, contains the poison tetrodotoxin in its inner organs. The poison paralyzes the victim until he or she can no longer breathe, and death may follow

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