The top 10 Super Bowl snacks

10. Pizza

I know pizza should be higher. But pizza is year-round. We can indulge in ways we wouldn't otherwise. This pizza is perfect. Pizza's universality is appealing.

9. Sandwich ring

Sandwich rings are nothing too special, but they somehow feel like an integral part of any Super Bowl celebration. We don’t need to overthink this one.

8. Fried pickles

Pickles are great plain, but even better dipped in batter and grilled. We can fry anything, but fried pickles are a favourite with the right dip.

7. Cookie cake

There are few opportunities that adults can pull off buying a cookie cake when a child’s birthday isn’t involved. Cherish every opportunity.

6. Snack table

Some fans eat whole game. Some of us eat again during commercials, touchdowns, or pauses. The alternatives are endless. BBQ, salt, and vinegar.

5. Nachos

The beauty of nachos is their adaptability. Begin with a bowl of tortilla chips. Cheese? All. Meat? Lettuce or guacamole? Super Bowl Sunday is a blast.

4. Cheeseburger sliders

Who doesn’t love tiny things? Who doesn’t love cheeseburgers? Next.

3. Publix fried chicken

It's not just any fried chicken, but Publix's is the 2018 Super Bowl host. Sweet and savoury flavours. It's a company's greatest fried chicken. Popeyes.

2. Buffalo chicken dip

This list would be 1.01 if the Bills had made it to Super Bowl LV. So much chicken in a dip. Toasted tortilla or pita chips Must.

1. Wings

No wings, no quarterbacks, no Super Bowl. It's a sham. Pick your poison (and sauce) and enjoy.

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