Side Effects of Giving up Soda DRINK

lose weight

Empty calories" is a term used for food that is highly caloric but doesn't provide your body with any kind of sustenance to keep you feeling full.

When you stop drinking soda, your body is more likely to lose weight because you are significantly cutting down on those empty calories in your diet.

risk of disease

Disease where the risk is decreased after giving up soda. In fact, soda has been scientifically proven to lead to other types of chronic diseases.

You can markedly improve your health, and reduce your risk for chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer

health will improve

Soda is one of the most unhealthy beverages you can consume, and giving it up will definitely make you feel better and improve your health

When you give up soda, your body will become more hydrated and you'll have less inflammation. By substituting out water and other healthy drinks

withdrawal" symptoms

Side effect of giving up soda, the truth is, this symptom is a sign that drinking soda wasn't good for your health in the first place.

When you give up soda, while you may experience initial 'withdrawal' symptoms such as headaches or fatigue

less sugary foods

 Give up carbonated soft drinks, your body slowly recovers from the most addictive substance- liquid sugar high-fructose corn syrup

Over time you will lose the cravings for overly sugary flavorings, and start developing the natural taste for real foods such as fruits and vegetables as nature created them

likely to overeat

A registered dietitian at Balance One Supplements, it can also decrease your chances of overeating throughout the day. Even when drinking diet soda.

The artificial sweeteners in soda have been linked to overeating in meals following their consumption, this fact alone leads to weight gain

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