Secrets About Fast Food You Never Knew

It can affect your mood.

Even if you eat well, fast food may make you melancholy, a 9,000-person study showed. Burgers, hot dogs, and fries raise depression risk by 51%.

Its calories are unknown.

Harvard Medical School questioned 1,877 adults, 330 school-age children, and 1,178 teens. 175, 259, and 175 calories overestimated.

Living near it makes you fat.

A Columbia University and UC Berkeley research found that having a fast food business 0.10 miles from a school increased student obesity by 5.2%.

Not until the 1920s.

Until the 1920s, burgers were made from slaughterhouse waste. Billy Ingram and Walter Anderson rebranded White Castle. 

Healthy-sounding foods aren't superior.

Fast food's healthy-sounding options are usually unhealthy. Oatmeal is sweeter than M&Ms. What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Sugar explains.

It's not cheap.

Despite common misconception, fast food isn't cheap. Four $30 McDs. Millet, ground turkey, and frozen veggies cost $12.

Chicken nuggets aren't always what you anticipate.

In 2013, researchers looked into the age-old topic, are chicken nuggets actually chicken? Yes, but nuggets are primarily bones, fat, and tendons.

False flame-grilled taste.

How can frozen, indoor-cooked burgers and chicken sandwiches taste so fresh? Indeed. False smokiness. (Amazed?) 

Nutritionist-recommended meals are served.

Christine M. Palumbo eats McDonald's guilt-free. Nutritionists agree. Experts recommend Burger King, Mickey D's, Panera, Wendy's, and Starbucks. 

They adorn to tempt.

Same colours for fast food and restaurants, right? Sure. In-N-Out, Wendy's, McDonald's, and Burger King use yellow and red.

They use words against you.

Have you ever ordered a salad in a fast food line but ended up with a fatty combo meal? Nobody's alone.

It can melt.

Chicken McNugget concerns include pink slime, over 40 ingredients, and melting. McDonald's DFunkatron commented "100 nuggets overdone. Melting. Wet."

Weight-loss-friendly kids' meals.

Now adults may order a Happy Meal. According to academics from the Universities of Arizona and Southern California, when a tiny reward is presented with a meal

Even the salads have chemicals.

Fast-food restaurants provide salads. First, count calories, fat, and salt. The salad is like silly putty. Restaurants sprinkle

"Medium" is actually a large.

Duke University studies found that increasing soda ounces encourages people to purchase bigger drinks.

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