Quick Side Effects of Giving Up Carbs


 The major sources of fiber, like certain vegetables and grains, from your diet, your digestive tract may not work as effectively as it once did.

The Journal of Pediatrics found that among children with epilepsy prescribed a ketogenic diet, 65 percent experienced constipation as a side effect

 Memory worse

Feeling a little fuzzy after slashing your carbohydrate intake, you're not alone—and it could be one of the side effects of your low-carb diet

 Worse on memory-based tasks than those who ate a reduced-calorie, but more balanced, diet. If you want to boost your brainpower

Heart issues

Butterflies in your chest can be a good thing when you're in love—but they can also be a sign of potentially-dangerous atrial fibrillation

Low carbohydrate diets were associated with increased risk of incident regardless of the type of protein or fat used to replace the carbohydrate

Cholesterol rise

Ground beef, bacon, sausages—you're eating as part of your low-carb diet may cause your "bad" cholesterol levels to rise.

The journal Atherosclerosis, individuals on low-carb, high-fat diets for a three-week period increased their LDL, or "bad," cholesterol 

Colorectal cancer

If you're relying heavily on processed meats as part of your diet plan, you could increase your colorectal cancer risk along the way.

Published in Oncology Reviews found that consumption of red and processed meat can increase a person's colorectal cancer risk

kidney stone

simply want to avoid the painful calcium deposits in the future—you might want to talk to your doctor before starting a low-carb or ketogenic diet.

 Risk factor for kidney stones" and should be approached with caution among those with kidney health issues.


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