Protein Lunch Recipes for Weight Loss

 1.Black Bean and Sweet Potato Tacos

These tacos are so easy to make and perfect for getting in lean, plant-based protein for a quick weight loss lunch. The black beans and sweet potato combination 

2.Grilled Chicken and Avocado Salad

Sometimes a salad is a nice lunch solution because it's easy to make and great to take on the go. This salad gives you a lean protein boost from the chicken, 

3.Low-Calorie Turkey Rueben

loaded with calories every time. This turkey option provides plenty of protein with only 365 calories per serving! Using whole grain bread is an added benefits.

 4.Chicken Burger with Sundried Tomato

 protein options for weight loss because not only does it have some of the highest levels of protein out of popular cuts of meat, but it's a lean protein.

5. Grilled Caesar Salad

Most people love a good Caesar salad, but a lot of the Caesar dressings on grocery store shelves are loaded with fat and extra calories.

6. Turkey BLT Salad

If you want something other than a sandwich for lunch but still want to get in a nice boost of protein, this BLT salad is a delicious option.

7. Asian-Inspired Tuna Burger

You don't always have to turn to chicken or turkey when you need protein. Tuna is one of the most protein-heavy fish you can buy, and this tuna burger recipe provides 

8.Chicken Mole Enchiladas

don't need to order out to enjoy Mexican food. These enchiladas are simple, high in protein, and you can even use leftover rotisserie chicken if you have some in your fridge.

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