Has Subway Given Up On America?

When you read about Subway in the news, it’s rarely about anything positive. The sub shop always seems to be embroiled in some sort of tussle, whether it’s dealing with accusations

That its tuna is fake, or reports that its relationships with franchisees are suffering massively. In a move that sounds slightly defeated, Subway CEO John Chidsey has announced that

Subway is focusing on quality, not quantityThe plan domestically, for now, at least is to improve the quality of its product over its current population of over 20,000

We just want to focus on quality in the footprint in the U.S. as opposed to quantity,” Chidsey said. He added, “I don’t really see a lot of growth in the U.S

Other than on the nontraditional side. I don’t think we’ll close a lot more restaurants—maybe a handful around the edges—but I think the U.S.

That sounds a little bit sullen, doesn’t it? “I don’t really see a lot of growth in the U.S.” certainly sounds like a pessimistic thing to say out loud, especially about your own company

I do understand that there’s likely a ton of potential overseas, where markets are certainly growing. But my gut says that positive American perception of Subway

I honestly don’t remember the last time I’ve heard anyone say they’ve eaten there recently. I remember eating there as a kid used to be a really big treat for me

Right now Subway has its sights on South Asia, where it plans on opening 2,000 units with the help of a private investment firm, Everstone Group. That’ll triple Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and India


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