Organ Meats

The most popular types of organ meats are the liver, kidneys, brain, and heart. In addition to that, these iron-rich foods are high in essential nutrients as well

Red Meat

It is said that the redder the meat, the richer it is in iron. Red meat, especially ground beef is one of the best sources of heme irons to get absorbed in the body easily

Chicken, Turkey

Among poultry meat, dark turkey offers the most amount of iron. White turkey and chicken are also a good addition to your diet. But provides less iron content


Tuna, salmon, mackerel, and sardines are some of the best iron-rich fishes to add to your diet. It is also counted as a great source of heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids


With a mild laxative effect, prunes are one of the best iron-rich dry fruits. It also adds fiber, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and manganese to your regular diet


Legumes include beans as well as lentils. It contains a wide variety of ingredients such as black beans, kidney beans, lentils, chickpeas, soybean, etc


Amaranth and Quinoa are both gluten-free grains loaded with iron. Furthermore, they are a good source of protein for vegetarians


Olives are a delicious iron content food to add to your diet. Besides, it comes with a variety of healthy plant compounds as well


Although it is non-heme iron, spinach is one of the best vegetarian sources of iron. It is also rich in vitamin C to boost iron absorption in the body


Broccoli is among the few vegetables to top the non-heme iron-rich food list. Being high in vitamin C, Broccoli also helps with iron absorption in the body


Unpeeled, baked potatoes can be your real friend on the plate to offer adequate iron. The iron present in potatoes is mostly concentrated in their skins

Almond, Pine nuts

Nuts and nut butter contain a great amount of non-heme iron Almonds, cashews, and pine nuts provide around 1 or 1.6 mg iron per ounce

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