4 Best Drinks for Rapid                      Weight Loss

 Matcha Green Tea

The Nutrition Twins suggest that drinking this 20-calorie, antioxidant-packed tea as an afternoon snack can help you to stay full for several hours

This way you'll be able to skip other high-calorie drinks such as iced Frappuccinos. 

Raspberry Ginger Lime Soda 

Soda is notoriously known for being one of the worst drinks for your health and weight loss efforts. 

However, the Nutrition Twins suggest that this healthy do-it-yourself natural soda is the alternative. It's just as refreshing, but it can jumpstart your rapid-fire weight loss efforts.

Turmeric Golden Milk

According to The Nutrition Twins, choosing to drink this soothing, low-calorie Golden Milk before bed may be just what you need to quickly shed excess pounds.

"This chai-like beverage contains three of the most potent spices for fighting chronic inflammation: ginger, turmeric, and cinnamon," say The Nutrition Twins.


According to research posted in the Obesity Journal, a study has found that caffeinated coffee can reduce caloric intake and boost metabolism.

"One study showed that people who drank caffeinated coffee consumed significantly fewer calories than those that drank less caffeine or those that drank no caffeine," 

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