7 Incredible Effects of Giving Up Chocolate for a Month

When we cut out chocolate we are also cutting out sugar, which can then have a balancing effect on our moods.

 fewer mood swings

 Eliminating Chocolate From Your Diet, Even If It's Just For A Month, Can Help Cut Back On Calories And Sugar Which Can Then Lead To Weight Loss.

You may lose weight

"Chocolate is an acidic food and can cause or worsen symptoms of heartburn or acid reflux," shares McAvoy, "The sweeter the chocolate, the more triggering it can be."

less heartburn

If you indulge in chocolate later in the day you may find that going to sleep at night may be a struggle.

sleep better

Caffeine can also contribute to anxiety, so reducing the amount you consume can help you feel more relaxed

By avoiding chocolate for a month you may develop increased emotional awareness which can help improve mindful eating.

increased emotional awareness

 "I know firsthand that eating chocolate is an easy way to pacify uncomfortable emotions," says Sylvia Gonsahn-Bollie, M.D.

Sugar content per Hershey's Milk Chocolate bar: 24 g Each one adds approximately 200 grammes of sugar to your monthly intake.

No fatty liver disease

In a 2014 study by JAMA Internal Medicine, it was found that there was a direct correlation between higher added sugar intake and increased risk for CD mortality.

No cardiovascular diseases

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