Controlling diabetes: 5 tips

1. Get more physical activity

Workouts are beneficial. Weight-loss Blood-sugar -Increase insulin sensitivity to control blood sugar .Exercise controls diabetes, according to research. Both are healthy.

Aerobic and resistance exercise help control diabetes, according to research. A fitness programme with both is best.

2. Get plenty of fiber

It's rough, but it may help:Improving blood sugar control reduces diabetes risk.Reduce cardiac risk

Feeling full promotes weight loss.Fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, and nuts are fiber-rich.

3. Go for whole grains

Whole grains may reduce diabetes risk and help maintain blood sugar. Half your grains should be whole.

Whole-grain breads, pastas, and cereals are ready-to-eat. Check the package and ingredient list for the word "whole."

4. Lose extra weight

If overweight, weight loss may prevent diabetes. You may be surprised by how much a pound lost improves your health.

In one study, participants who lost 7% of their initial body weight and exercised regularly reduced their risk of diabetes by 60%.

5. Avoid fad diets.

Low-carb, GI, and other fad diets may help you lose weight initially. Long-term effects and diabetes prevention are unknown.

Excluding or limiting a food group may deplete essential nutrients. Instead, focus on variety and portion control.

6 heart healthy exercises

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