Best Spices For Inflammation


Turmeric, which is arguably one of the most well-known anti-inflammatory spices, has exploded in popularity over the last several years.


The golden spice, commonly used in Indian cuisine, is teeming with over 300 active compounds, with the main one being curcumin—an antibacterial, inflammation-fighting antioxidant.

The "King of Spices" is a culinary staple. In addition to reducing free radical damage, piperine contains antioxidants that may assist your body absorb nutrients .

Black Pepper

While there is limited human research on the anti-inflammatory properties of black pepper, rodent studies suggest that piperine may effectively fight symptoms of inflammation like joint swelling.

Known for its sweet, yet sharp flavor, ginger is one of the healthiest spices out there and is often referred to as a "superfood."


Also known as "gingerols," these anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial compounds have been shown to reduce inflammation and infection.

From oatmeal to apple crisp, a dash of cinnamon is a surefire way to give any meal, drink, or dessert an aromatic, warming flavor.


It's also a simple health boost. Cinnamaldehyde, an essential oil that gives cinnamon its characteristic flavour and fragrance, may also have anti-inflammatory properties.

Cayenne is a great way to add heat to your food. Chili peppers (like cayenne) are spicy due to "capsaicinoids"—natural pain relievers.


It contains capsaicin, a topical pain reliever for muscles and joints. NSAIDs and capsaicin cream are "equally effective" in alleviating pain in osteoarthritis sufferers, according to new research.

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