Best Local Burger Chains, Ranked


In-N-Out takes the cake when it comes to popularity, must-eat staple of the region. The menu is relatively affordable, and it sticks to the classics: Burgers, fries, soda, and shakes


Farm-fresh beef stacked with a mountain of toppings–including, but not limited to mushrooms, Thai ketchup, caramelized onions, dill pickles, black forest bacon, and special sauce.

Shake Shack

You'll come across a small, metal snack shack that cooks up some of the most talked-about patties in all of Manhattan. Since it's burst of popularity in the early millennium


The self-titled gourmet burger joint offers a unique spin on the American classic. Take, for example, the SWAG Burger, which features a double wagyu + brisket blend

Umami Burger

Maple bacon fries. Enough said. The Southern California-born burger restaurant offers a full dinner menu, but you can't go to a place with "burger" in the name and not try one of their

 Tom Wahls

Tom Wahls, you will feel as if you have been transported back to a soda parlor in the 1950s. The menu features typical offerings like fries, burgers, shakes, and hot dogs.

Dick's Drive-In

Fries, and ice cream, Dick's Drive-In makes it their mission to deliver an experience from a simpler era. In an poll, Dick's "the most life-changing burger joint in America.

Five Guys

Five Guys will provide quite the fix. Their menu, which consists of a variety of burgers and hot dogs, plus sandwich and shake options, is at the lower end of the price range


Menu items you've ever heard of — cheese curds, frozen custard, and butterburgers. Yes, that's right, if a typical fast-food burger isn't already greasy enough for your taste


Fast-food like joint on the list. But that's okay. Their menu selection, which includes the typical burger joint offerings at an affordable cost, also features some killer patties.

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