Constipation-Relieving Foods


Prunes' insoluble fibre, cellulose, bulks up stools. Prunes' soluble fibre ferments in the colon, increasing stool weight.


Fibrous apple. One 200-gram medium apple with skin has 4.8 g of fibre, or 19% RDI. Apples have pectin and fibre.


Pears contain sorbitol. Like fructose, sorbitol is poorly absorbed and acts as a laxative by bringing water into the intestines.


75 g kiwi has 9% of the RDI for fibre. 28 adults took kiwi-based supplement. This increased bowel movements versus a control group.


Figs' fibre promotes digestive health.One 50-gram raw fig contains 1.5 g fibre. 80 g dried figs provide 32% of RDI fiber.v

Citrus fruits

High-fiber citrus fruits are refreshing.A 154-gram orange provides 15% RDI fibre. Grapefruit (308 g) provides 20% of daily fibre.


Artichokes promote digestive health, research shows.Prebiotics feed beneficial gut bacteria, increasing their numbers and protecting against harmful bacteria.


Rhubarb has bowel-stimulating properties.It contains Senna, a popular herbal laxative.

 Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes' fibre helps relieve constipation.One 150-gram sweet potato has 3.6 grammes of fibre, or 14% of the RD.

 Chia seeds

Fiber-rich chia seeds. 1 ounce of chia seeds provides 39% of daily fibre needs.The insoluble fibre in chia is 85%.


Flaxseeds have been used as a laxative for centuries. Flaxseeds are rich in soluble and insoluble fibre, making them a digestive aid.

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