Top 9 Bodybuilding Foods to Avoid

Flax seeds

 Flax seeds are a good source of fibre in moderation. Too much fibre can cause gas and bloating, hindering your workout.


Fruit sugar helps bodybuilding, but refined sugar hurts. Ice cream, sugary tea, cakes, and candies are calorie-dense. These foods aren't muscle-building.

Unhealthy Carbohydrates

Bodybuilding requires clean carbs. Bodybuilding carbs include nuts, brown bread, and multigrain bread. Carbs boost gym performance.


If you're into bodybuilding, you should limit or avoid alcohol. According to reports, men who drink frequently may have lower testosterone levels.

Fast food

Avoid fast food's unhealthy carbs, bodybuilders. Avoid these foods, bodybuilders. Most fast food causes stomach and digestion issues.

Spicy food

Spices cause indigestion, vomiting, and weight loss. Spicy foods prevent bodybuilders from gaining muscle mass. Avoid spicy foods.

Pre-made salads

When dressed and topped, most pre-made salads become fat bombs. Flavor enhancers make these foods calorie-dense.

Dehydrated fruits

Dehydrated fruits contain sugar and sulphur to improve taste and shelf life. Without water, these foods can lead to overeating.

Diet soda

Even fat-free and low-calorie sodas should be avoided. These drinks are sweetened with artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners lower insulin.

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