8 Best Breakfasts for Rapid Weight Loss

Eat the three amigos.

Balanced meals with all three macros may help you lose weight by keeping you full and reducing calories. Eggs, avocado, and toast for breakfast.

Make a smoothie with pea protein.

Fast breakfast: a protein smoothie. If done right. Consumers often mix high-calorie, sugary smoothies. Protein powder may enhance weight loss satiety.

Make something quick.

Quicken breakfast. More people eat simple breakfasts. Elmardi suggests hard-boiled eggs for breakfast or a snack.

Pair up for breakfast.

Protein and fibre fight hunger. Here are three high-protein, low-calorie breakfasts.

Make a peanut butter & jelly wonder whip.

Mix peanut butter powder, yoghurt, vanilla, stevia (if preferred), and cinnamon. Grape-flavored yoghurt. Refrigerate airtight for a day.

Blend a high-fiber green smoothie.

Mindless eating helps shed pounds. NASM-certified nutritionist Karisa Karmali recommends high-fiber, high-protein smoothies.

Try a different breakfast grain.

Warm almond milk, water, and quinoa. Medium-low heat. 12-14 minutes covered. Buttered. 5 min. Cinnamon, walnuts, blueberries, strawberries. Honey-optional.

Pack waffles with fiber.

Quick berries. Coconut oil wafflemaker. Protein powder, baking powder, vanilla, psyllium. Well-mixed. Waffle-maker. 3-to-4-minute toasting. 1 minute toss waffle. Waffle-topper.

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