6 Heart-Healthy Exercises

Maybe it's too easy. Walking, especially speed walking, strengthens the heart. Walking fast raises heart rate and is easy on joints.

1. Walking

Walkable everywhere. Wear boots. Lunchtime or weekend strolls. Listen to music or walk with a friend.

Building the other muscles in your body will help your heart. Weight training will help you build muscle mass and burn fat.

2. Weight training

Bodyweight training is effective. Push-ups, squats, and pull-ups build muscle, bones, and hearts.

Swimming isn't only for summer. Taking a water aerobics class or swimming laps can strengthen your body and heart.

3. Swimming

Swimming is easy on your joints and lets you move without pain.

Yoga boosts heart health, despite appearances. Yoga strengthens and tones muscles.

4. Yoga

Yoga can raise your heart rate while lowering your blood pressure.

Interval training alternates short bursts of high-intensity exercise with longer periods of active recovery.

5. Interval training

Run for one minute, walk for three, then repeat. Heart rate cycling burns calories and improves blood vessel function.

Your bike can do more than transport you. Cycling reduces heart disease risk. It uses leg muscles to raise your heart rate.

6. Cycling

Regular exercise, like yoga, walking, or swimming, is important for heart health. Before starting an exercise routine, consult your doctor.

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