5 Worst Foods for Your Lungs


Simple carbohydrates like refined flours and sugars can contribute to poor lung health. Not only are these foods inflammatory

A low-carb diet will allow the body to produce less carbon dioxide, which is good news for anyone with existing lung conditions


You may be surprised to find healthy broccoli on this list! While in some cases, broccoli can be good for your lungs

You get gas after eating foods such as broccoli, cauliflower, or cabbage, try limiting them or switching them for other-nutrient dense food."

Ice Cream

Dairy is known to increase mucus production, explains naturopathic doctor Anna Johnson, owner of Anna's Organics,

If you are noticing a consistent productive cough that gets worse with dairy, excessive phlegm, sinus irritation, or stuffy nose, try cutting out dairy


It's no surprise that processed food is no good for your lungs. Processed foods like potato chips are packed with saturated fat and salt

Salt, she continues, increases blood pressure, and "continuous consumption of higher dosages may deteriorate your heart health


The lungs in any form, particularly sulfited red wine or sugar-loaded cocktails, both of which can contribute to inflammation

Gassy and carbonated foods can cause bloating, tightening of the chest, and even asthma attacks," says Wysocki-Woods

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