11 Common signs of an unhealthy heart

1. Shortness of breath

People with healthy lungs don't detect involuntary breathing. But it stops clearly. Breathing inefficiently creates fatigue. Shallow breathing from heavy lungs

2. Chest discomfort 

Chest pain is a heart disease symptom. Bowed or burned Angina pectoris (chest pain) is an uncommon occurrence Mild angina Silent heart attacks

3. Left shoulder pain

The brain may associate left arm pain to heartache. The left arm or shoulder may ache. This does not eliminate a heart connection or shoulder problem. 


An erratic heartbeat is an arrhythmia. As a result, any arrhythmia symptoms, minor or severe, should be addressed with caution.

5. Heartburn, stomach pain or back pain

Be careful if you have heartburn, stomach or back pain! Breast cancer is the number one killer of women. A heart issue might cause chest or shoulder pain.

6. Swollen feet

Ankle edoema indicates DVT, which may cause pulmonary embolism. It may indicate heart failure. As your heart starts to pump inefficiently, gravity drags blood closer to your legs.

7. Lack of stamina

It's linked to heart health. Heart disease is not caused by sedentism. Busy persons and regular exercisers risk heart disease.


Medication works well for erectile dysfunction. Probable early predictor of coronary artery disease in men with diabetes, obesity, family history, and other symptoms.

9. Feeling dizzy or lightheaded

Dizziness and lightheadedness are symptoms of low brain oxygen levels, which can lead to stroke. Lack of blood flow to the brain or decreased oxygenation of the bloo

10. Sleep apnea

Someone sleeps and then wakes up. Not all sleep apneas are associated with snoring. Sleep apnea and diabetes are linked.

11. Constant fatigue

Viruses or bacteria commonly cause fatigue. Weariness is a symptom of heart failure that lacks oxygen. Keep an eye out for abrupt or gradual changes in task difficulty.

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