11 bad habits that prevent weight loss

Sleep slims and energises. Wake Forest researchers say sleep tightens the tummy. 5-hour sleepers gain 2.5 times more weight than others.

You stay up late working

Despite popular belief, skipping meals won't help you lose weight. Including. 20% of Americans skip meals. Breakfast skippers gain weight.

You often skip meals

If it's a tradition, save wine for the weekend.  drinking adds 384 calories. It reduces willpower and food sensitivity.

You drink alcohol regularly

Slow eaters eat 66 fewer calories but feel fuller. If you eat 66 calories per meal, you'll lose 20 lbs.

You rush through your meals

Netflix isn't flat-belly. Overweight participants who watched less TV saved an average of 119 calories a day, according to a Vermont study.

You binge watch TV

If you're always ordering lunch, you're probably eating more calories, salt, and sugar than if you ate at home.

You always eat out for lunch

Most Americans spend all day at a desk. We sit 67 hours a week and move 7 of 24.

You're always sitting

Dieters buy low- or no-fat foods. True. These options cut calories but add slow-burning carbs.

You purchase low-fat products

You're drinking unnecessary calories and blood sugar-spiking sweeteners. Diet's no better.

You still sip soda

Eating lunch at your desk may help your hourly pay or impress your boss, but it's bad for your waistline. Not just you.

You eat at your desk

Salty packaged snacks may be adding to your waistline. Non-water weight. A study found that salt confuses your body's fullness signals.

You prefer potato chips

7 foods that wont make you fat

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