10 tips to maintain good mental health

Develop a good opinion of yourself

self-esteem is the best defence against life's challenges. High-self-esteem people believe in themselves and their abilities.

Eat well

Diet affects mental health; eat well. The Canadian Food Guide can help. Consult a nutritionist for a customised guide.

Exercise regularly

Exercise improves mental health. It causes chemical reactions that reduce anxiety, stress, and depression.

Learn how to manage stress

You must learn to manage stress to stay sane. Find your stress's source to better manage it.

Enjoy the present

Learn to focus on the present instead of past or future events. This helps you enjoy life's small pleasures.

Find your work-life balance

Too much focus on one area can throw off your work-life balance. Both! Everybody does things differently.

Get enough sleep

Sleep deprivation causes emotional and psychological issues. Sleep 8 hours and go to bed early.

Develop relationships

Strong relationships improve mental health. Make friends at home, work, and in the community. You'll benefit from these people.

Have fun

Laughing and having fun promotes mental health. Laughter boosts mood, relieves stress, and boosts morale. Laugh with comics, videos, or friends.

Get help if you need it

You may need help someday. Don't wait! Helping yourself can change your life. Many resources exist.

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