The 10 Best Foods for Kids


Fruit: apples. Low-calorie, juicy, sweet (about 90 calories for a medium apple). Unpeeled apples contain fibre and vitamin C.

Breakfast Cereal

Choose a kid-unfriendly cereal. Whole-grain, calcium-fortified cereal is good. Choose cereal with iron, minerals, and vitamins based on your child's diet.


Eggs contain cholesterol, but not much saturated fat, which raises cholesterol more. 4 Most kids can handle an egg every other day.


As kids get older, they drink less milk. Because soda, fruit drinks, and fruit juice are readily available at home.


As much as babies love oatmeal cereal, many grow up eating white bread and refined grains instead.

Peanut Butter

PB&J (peanut butter and jelly) seems like a household staple, but many parents avoid it because of food allergies and fat content.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are a healthy snack for kids, as long as they don't throw the shells or become choking hazards.

Tuna Fish

Fish is healthy unless your kids eat fish sticks or fried fish sandwiches. Tuna is a healthy, kid-friendly fish.


Vegetables are healthy for kids, but that doesn't mean you should force them to eat Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and spinach.


If your kids only eat a kids' brand with added sugar and no probiotics, they may be missing out.

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