10 Dinner Recipes With Just 5 Ingredients

Flank steak + cilantro + garlic + white vinegar + Russet potatoes

The chimichurri to just four ingredients: cilantro, garlic, white vinegar, and olive oil (and season with salt and pepper).

Rice + onion + eggs + soy sauce + frozen mixed veggies

This vegetable is one of the top sources of quercetin, a flavonoid that increases blood flow and activates a protein in the body

Chicken + onions + peppers + seasoning + whole-wheat tortillas

To save yourself from rummaging through your spice drawer—or having to shell out cash on individual spices

Spaghetti squash + onion + sausage + mozzarella + herb tomato sauce

Tomatoes and peppers are very similar in terms of nutrition and nutrients, we left out the peppers from the original recipe

Pork + chipotle + orange marmalade + green beans + sweet potatoes

The brine allows the meat to absorb liquid which makes it more flavorful and juicier after it's cooked. Before you grill the tenderloin

Cod + miso glaze + mushrooms + garlic + baby bok choy

Ingredients like sake, mirin, and miso paste that you might otherwise never use. As for the sauté, use oil, water, and part of the miso glaze

Chicken + lemon + brown rice + oregano + cherry tomatoes

Marinate the chicken as directed, just without the garlic; For the rice, substitute the chicken broth for water.

Salmon + asparagus + lemon + dill + garlic

This recipe makes cleanup a breeze: Just throw everything in tin foil, bake, and eat! Not much for us to do here

Quinoa + arugula + butternut squash + pecans + scallions

Sweet and light meal, try this quinoa and arugula salad. We left out the extra honey to coat the butternut squash

Eggs + sausage + onion + peppers + 3-cheese blend

Making a frittata is a great way to use any leftover veggies in your kitchen. the cheeses by just picking up a bagged cheese blend.

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