Truth or Dare Questions

Truth or Dare Questions

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We dare you to read and enjoy this article till the end. So, as you have just got the idea, here we would be adding some awesome truth or dare questions.

So, let’s start with the first thing first rule. Truth or dare questions are asked roundly. Answering a question chosen by the asker is the price for choosing truth. So, rather than asking for a confession, the asker challenges them to do something if they pick dare.

What to know before starting Truth or Dare Questions?

When you start playing truth or dare questions, it may end up in a provoking situation. But, on the other hand, if you ask such questions or give dares that feel discomfort, your friends may not be feeling to play with you. So, with PersuadeEd will tell you secrets to start playing truth or Dare Questions. 

List to ask questions for truth or dare questions.

  1. When was the last time you lied to your girlfriend/boyfriend?
  2. Tell me about date planning which has gone too wrong?
  3. Do you ever hit and run from any situation?
  4. Have you ever faked standing with someone and finding yourself in problems?
  5. Tell a person’s name which you find too funny around you?
  6. Have you ever got some outranging and got some bad pain?
  7. If you are among new people, do you feel discomfort?
  8. Have you ever destroyed any public property knowingly or unknowingly?
  9. What would you do if you got to know that you would die in the next three days?
  10. If you could make your own country, then how would you structure everything? 
  11. Have you ever done insulting to your girlfriend or ex-girlfriend? 
  12. Have you ever kissed someone with a bad breath problem?
  13. If you are free from any three crimes for life, what would you do?
  14. Have you ever felt embraced during personal times?
  15. If you and your friends are on a trip without telling your partner, how many days could you spend?
  16. If you could slap someone, whom would you slap?
  17. How do you like to sleep every night?
  18. Have you ever got drunk and blackout?
  19. Have you ever dated a married person?
  20. Could you spend a day without a mobile phone?
  21. If your partner asks what you can do for them, you have to answer that I could do anything except_____. What would be your “except”?
  22. What is your highest score for wearing the same clothes for days?
  23. If you got a chance to date any of your old crushes, whom would you date?
  24. Have you ever dated your friends’ sister or sister’s friends?
  25. Have you ever gone sneaked in someone’s room?
  26. When it comes to movies, what is one that you are ashamed to confess you like?
  27. Which of your grooming habits is the most embarrassing?
  28. The last time you offered an apology was probably a long time ago. For what purpose?
  29. What are your thoughts on the Twilight books and movies?
  30. If you could delete a person from your life, whom would you delete?
  31. Have you ever thought of betraying your significant other?
  32. How many times have you cheated on a spouse?
  33. In briefs or boxers?
  34. Have you ever gone to a swimming pool and skinny dip?
  35. If you had to make a home by yourself, what design and interior would you choose first?
  36. Whether Would you have a jacuzzi or pool area on your terrace?
  37. Do you remember any conversations which you misheard and became weird?
  38. What if you could change one of the seven wonders of the world?
  39. Would you rather check to like face or figure?
  40. Would you rather wear fashionable clothes in-home or not wear any clothes?
  41. Would you rather make a rich person your true love or find a nice person to love?
  42. Would you rather marry a foreigner for citizenship or marry someone from a small town?
  43. Would you rather live your life in shorts with your partner or keep many affairs?
  44. Would you rather cheat your partner on an excellent s#x session or stay comfortable in less?  
  45. Would you rather spend a night in jail for s#x in the car or call your parents/friends to bail you out of the situation?
  46. Have you done some powder or dry opiate?
  47. Have you ever dated a married one for fun?
  48. How many people in the room would you be willing to kiss?
  49. Have you ever lied in drinking game questions?
  50. Have you ever played Truth or Dare game questions with a partner?
  51. How do you prefer to have s#x: with or without protection?
  52. Would you rather keep silent for a day or say I love you after every sentence?
  53. Would you rather listen to an old song or stay in a fancy dress for a day?
  54. Would you rather stay in blindfold a day or wake up for three nights?
  55. Would you rather decide to keep up the same age or be 80 years old with a lot of money?
  56. Would you rather prefer to slap your best friend or kiss a frog?
  57. How Many People Have You Kissed Before?
  58. What Have You Done Sexually with Someone Else?
  59. What Attracts you to People?
  60. Have You Ever had a Sexy Dream?
  61.  Would you rather have black money in cash or pay 90% of your income as taxes?
  62. Would you rather wear undergarments only or no undergarments at home?
  63. Would you rather do a thrilling job that could affect your health or have a white-collar job?
  64. Would you rather attend a camp in the forest or at a haunted place?
  65. Would you rather be the wrong person or strike the bad person?
  66. Would you rather be in the police force or an airplane company employee like a pilot or air hostess?
  67. Have you ever cut out your favourite female star’s picture from a newspaper or magazine?
  68. Tell me that you had your first kiss in detail?
  69. Tell me about your favourite place to go when you were upset?
  70. Have you ever ditched a girl on the phone?
  71. Would you rather pet a snake or fox?
  72. Tell me about your favourite superhero show as a child, and now you hate it?
  73. Tell me the wrong decision which you made intentionally?
  74. If you had to take your name on a movie character, who would you choose?
  75. Which is your favourite colour that you like but doesn’t suit you?

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List of Dares to challenge your friends in Truth or Dare Questions Game

  1. Upload a photo of yourself looking ridiculous as your profile image.
  2. Remove your socks with your teeth.
  3. Ask for a cup of sugar from the neighbour next door and bring a measuring cup with you.
  4. Choose among the members of the group to brush your teeth with anything.
  5. With the tip of your tongue, scratch out your name on the floor.
  6. Put a Hot Cheeto up your nose for five minutes and wait for the effects to kick in.
  7. For 30 seconds, fling open your front door and howl like a wolf.
  8. Put duct tape over whatever area of your body the person on your right wants, and let them pull it off with their bare hands.
  9. Dress your nose in flour after putting a bead of honey on it.
  10. Until the following round, speak as if no one is listening as loudly as you can.
  11. Make a call to your best buddy.
  12. Pickle juice is an excellent shot to start with.
  13. Talk to a pillow as if it’s your crush and pretend that you’re in love with it.
  14. Imagine you’re a bird and only use your mouth to consume cereal that’s been dropped on the floor.
  15. Snack on your hand.
  16. Take a spoonful of yellow mustard with you everywhere you go.
  17. Do not close your mouth when speaking.
  18. You have five minutes to create and perform a country song.
  19. If you wish to have someone else paint your nails, go ahead.
  20. Try stand-up comedy for five minutes.
  21. Until your next turn, quack loudly as if you were a duck.
  22. Show off your British accent by singing the national anthem in its entirety in a British accent.
  23. Count to ten while walking straight.
  24. Eat an uncooked egg as a main dish.
  25. Make a mash-up of three random items from the refrigerator for the group. The last step is to consume the concoction.
  26. Do some jumping jacks till it’s your time again.
  27. Smell your fingers after you’ve rubbed your armpits.
  28. Identify everything you discover as you go through the garbage to locate it.
  29. Watch the back of a shampoo bottle on Facebook Live and try to decipher it.
  30. Check to see whether a 7-Eleven is open by dialling 7-Eleven.
  31. Scream “Nooooo!” from the backyard, if you can. “I was given up for adoption!”
  32. Make a disco outdoors in the driveway without any music to get the party started..
  33. Tell them you need a component for your Model T when you call a car-parts shop. They’ll be happy to help.
  34. Post a selfie of you in front of the toilet on social media.
  35. Sniff the soles of everyone’s feet and assign a score based on how fresh they smell.
  36. Speak with a pizza delivery driver from a New York City-style pizza joint and inquire about the differences between New York City pizza and “genuine” pizza.
  37. “Hallelujah!” should be sung when you enter your front door.
  38. Step outdoors and imagine you’re using an unseen lawnmower to trim the grass.
  39. You can find out whether they sell Whoppers by calling McDonald’s.
  40. Ask whether you may return a pizza by calling the pizzeria and telling them you’re returning it.
  41. Inquire at a vehicle dealership whether any horse buggies are available for purchase.
  42. Make your Facebook relationship status “complex.”
  43. If you’re interested in purchasing them, you should contact Macy’s.
  44. For the following two rounds of the game, sing instead of speaking.
  45. Sing “Happy Birthday” to a random person by dialling a random number.
  46. Ask whether they serve sushi if you call a Chinese restaurant.
  47. One leg should be shaved to the skin.
  48. Wear everything backwards.
  49. Take the hand of the individual who is sitting next to you.
  50. Send an inspirational text message to a female member of the group.
  51. For the remainder of the match, wear lipstick.
  52. Gobble up 10 mayo-filled Oreo cookies.
  53. Using your fingertip, remove one of your nose hairs.
  54. Eat some wasabi with a spoon.
  55. Trade shirts with the player on your right. Exchange shirts.
  56. Take a bite of peanut butter off of someone’s armpit and lick it off with your finger. Outside, hug a mailbox until at least three people have spotted you.
  57. For the remainder of the game, only use rhymes while communicating.
  58. Wear a shirt that’s been soaked in water and chilled for 20 minutes.
  59. You and the individual next to you should exchange clothing.
  60. Until the following round, maintain your ridiculous expression.
  61. Spend an hour on your knees.
  62. Have your back waxed.
  63. For one minute, sip water directly from the faucet.
  64. Don’t use the word “I” anymore for the remainder of the game.
  65. Rap about koalas, if you can think of anything.
  66. Tell a secret to a stranger over the phone.
  67. Don’t resist the temptation to have ice poured down your shirt and trouser legs.
  68. Please don’t wash your hands for 10 minutes after dousing them with food colouring.
  69. During the call, use Skype/FaceTime to contact the person and pick your nose.
  70. Put your underwear in the trash once you remove it.
  71. Remove the mayonnaise off someone’s toe with your knuckles.
  72. Give yourself a leash and stroll down the street with the rest of the group.
  73. Snap images of yourself doing something humiliating and send them to your friends through Snapchat.
  74. Pick up items with your toes instead of your hands, and use your feet like your hands.
  75. Pretend to savour a dog or cat goodie by licking it.
  76. Be a piece of cooking bacon by lying on the floor and acting that way.
  77. For a bit of a moment, place your bare foot in the toilet.
  78. Drink a whole cup of milk in one go.
  79. Using just your armpit, make fart sounds.
  80. Over your head, crack an egg.

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