Smart Words to Use in a Conversation

smart words to use in a conversation

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As English speakers, we all want to learn new words and make a good impression in a conversation. If we use some new or less known words, even if with a simple meaning, our print on another person increases, and it sounds smarter.

Also, we don’t want to sound like we don’t have appropriate or enough words to say in the conversation. So we should learn some smart words so that our English vocabulary increases and we can use them to make good impressions!

So, let’s know about some smart words to use in a conversation!’

Smart Words to use in a conversation!

Here is the list of smart words to use in a conversation with their meanings and examples:-

1) Touche

Meaning – 

  •  To appreciate the clever point of someone. 
  • Acknowledge someone when they make a good point during an argument.

You use the word when you find someone is making a good point during an argument or when someone makes a clever point. 


 Person A- You said you would give me a ring!

Person B- Yes, I had already given you!

Person A – But it is an artificial ring, not a gold ring.

Person B- I said to gift you a ring but not mentioned what type of!

Person B – Touche!

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2) Fiasco


  •  It describes something that failed miserably.
  • An absolute failure, a complete disaster.

The word is used to describe anything that failed miserably or is totally flop or failure.


The last season of ‘Game of Thrones was a total fiasco!

3) Capricious 

Meaning – 

  • Mood or behavior changes suddenly
  • Inconsistent
  • Changes suddenly or from time to time.

Capricious is used to describe someone’s behavior or any situation that changes from time to time or suddenly.


Women’s behavior changes from cute to angry to sad, and they are so capricious.

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4) Quintessential

Meaning – 

  • A good example of something or someone.
  • A fine example of a particular class or quality.

Quintessential word is used to show a fine example of something or someone. 


The story of Elon Musk is quintessential for all people who want to succeed in life.

5) Cavalier

Meaning –

  • Showing no attention towards important or serious things.

Cavalier can be used in place of carelessness or thoughtlessness. 


Exams are approaching, and you are acting cavalierly.

6) Quid pro Quo

Meaning – 

Exchanging something for another thing. 

Quid pro quo is a Latin word, which means, ‘this for that.’ So we can better use the word in place of the barter system.

Example – 

I gave her my shoes as quid pro quo for his shirt.

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7) Vitriol

Meaning – 

  • Bitter feedback for anything.
  • Harsh Criticism to anyone.

Vitriol is a word used for sulphuric acid in an ancient language; it came into the English language from there. It is used when someone gives bitter feedback or very harsh Criticism either in writing, speaking.

Example – 

The reactions to his speech were vitriol.

8) Vamoose

Meaning – 

  • To leave in a hurry
  • To leave fast

Vamoose word is derived from the Spanish word ‘Vamos,’ which means, ‘let’s go.’

Example –

We’re late for the exam, Vamoose man Vamoose!

9) Boondoggle

Meaning – 

  • An activity or work which looks useful but a big waste of time.
  • Unimportant work shown as necessary.

Boondoggle is an actual word that describes an activity that is shown as very important, but in reality, it is just a waste of time. 

Example – 

Today’s company meeting was a complete boondoggle.

10) Sycophant 

Meaning – 

  • An insult to the person who does a lot of buttering.
  • Another word for Suck-Up.

Sycophant is the word you can use for the person who does a lot of buttering to someone and takes advantage of that buttering.

Example –

Mark is the biggest Sycophant in our office! 

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11) Perfunctory 

Meaning – 

  • Something is done with fewer efforts. 
  • Doing something with half-hearted or less interest.

Example – 

The interviewer was not interested in taking the interview; he asked all perfunctory questions.

Bottom Line

So these were 11 smart words to use in a conversation, and through these words, you can make a better impact in a conversation! So now Vamoose!

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Thank you for reading!

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