She Never Texts Me First but Always Replies

She Never Texts Me First but Always Replies

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Relationships and Friendship are integral parts of human life. Typically, to get in a relationship, men have to make more effort than women. They have to get women into the conversation. But, many men/boys complain that ‘she never texts me first but always replies.’ 

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You surely had listened to this line from either of your male friends. It is a common problem. But why does this happen? Why does she never text you first but replies to you fast? 

There can be several reasons behind that:

  1. It may be possible that she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you if your conversation revolves around that!
  2. It may be possible that she’s busy.
  3. It may be possible that she’s not a texting person!
  4. It may be possible that she doesn’t know how to start a conversation. 

Why does she not text you first and still replies?

As already explained in the above paragraph, there are several reasons behind her not texting first. But we will try to explain the reasons in detail. Here are those reasons behind her not texting first!

  • She’s not interested in a relationship
  • She doesn’t like texting first or initiating conversation 
  • She’s remained busy
  • She is used to you texting her first. 
  • Because you don’t offer good conversation.
  • She may think she is wasting her time. 
  • She may not want to hurt you; that’s why she only replies. 

She doesn’t text first but always replies enthusiastically. What should you do?

If you are saying she enthusiastically replies to you, it means she really wants to talk to you, but she may be shy for any other reason. But she’s definitely interested in you either to make you a friend or something more.

Rather than providing one-word answers, she enjoys conversing with you and keeps the conversation flowing. 

This means that you should carry on texting her first, even if she’s not texting first.

She seems interested when you text her, but she never texts first. What should You do?

How quickly does she respond to a text message, and does she carry on the conversation over time? If you can answer “yes” to that, then my response would be, “What concerns you? Does it really matter who texts first if she enjoys texting you and you have a good relationship?

So don’t take tension about her not texting you first. Instead, make more efforts to talk to her. One day she will start texting you first.

Should you keep texting her if she never texts first?

It is not recommended to keep texting if she does not answer or gives short and dry responses when you initiate texting.

People text who they really want to talk to whenever they get the opportunity; those people have bonds built already. Meeting someone new and becoming a placeholder in their life through texting alone is close to impossible.

If she gives good replies even though she never texts first, then you can carry on making efforts and initiating conversations.

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Should Ego come into play while Texting Her First?

This is an excellent question. Because the thing about texting her first happens with most boys. At one point in time, we all want to stop texting her first. Your Ego comes into play and tells stop texting her first. 

So what are the right things to do? Whether Should you text her first or not? 

The answer can be based on her interest in talking to you. If her texts are dry, then definitely, you should not text her first. 

If she is fully interested and giving you replies and carrying on the conversation, there is no point in listening to your Ego.

What could it mean when a shy girl never texts first but keeps the conversation going if you text her?

The shy person doubts their abilities and finds it difficult to initiate conversation. However, if they like you, they will make an effort to continue the conversation. When they are allowed to continue longer, they grow in self-confidence. So keep going on the chatting and texting first; she is interested in talking to you!

As well, it is a common characteristic of shy girls. The guy is supposed to do most of the work while they look pretty and collect your attention. 

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So the answer to this question is simple: if she texts you back every time and keeps the conversation on, you can continue texting with her, even if you have to start a conversation every time.

Bottom Line

Chatting with girls is not easy. You don’t know when they will reply, when their mood changes, when they love you. Unfortunately, very few boys are experts in pulling off the conversation with girls. 

But don’t worry, we are always here to help you. We have a lot of articles on conversation building and improving. You can surely learn something.

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