Questions to Ask Bride and Groom About Each Other

Questions to Ask Bride and Groom About Each Other

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Hello friends, are you aware of Mr. and Mrs. Quiz Game or the famous shoe game? If not, we will tell you questions to ask the bride and groom about each other.  Both these games have almost the same rules. The main part of what we try to convey is how much both the bride and groom know each other. This is done with the help of questions which we ask from both bride and groom. They both sit opposite each other. So that; they can’t see each other’s answers. But in the shoe game, both bride and groom exchange shoes with each other, and Mr. and Mrs. Quiz, both bride and groom, have placards of names. The interviewer asked some random questions from both the bride and groom.

20 Questions About the Bride and Groom

Questions to Ask Bride and Groom About Each Other
  1. Do you still remember your first crush? What will you do when they come?
  2. Can you describe your first heartbreak?
  3. Have you ever learned anything from your breakups?
  4. Do you have anything on which you didn’t believe previously, but now you think ultimately?
  5. Are you still afraid of anything you did as a child?
  6. When you were a kid, a portion of food which you liked the most but now hates?
  7. What do you want to eat now but can’t eat?
  8. What is your recent partner’s name?
  9. Do you love meeting new people?
  10. Do you set goals every year, and have you completed them?
  11. As a kid, were you famous in school or not?
  12. Do you remember any childhood stories you listened to as a kid?
  13. What fashion mistake do you always make just for your comfort?
  14. What are romantic things which you don’t understand in reality?
  15. How many kids do you want and how many boys and girls?
  16. An incident where you believe that God is helping you?
  17. According to you,  spending money in church is helpful or not?
  18. If you had to choose between a baby boy or baby girl, whom would you choose as your first kid?
  19. Would you rather spend time in the kitchen or do your office work at home?
  20. Does your family have someone who had a love marriage?

Wedding Game Questions to ask Bride and Groom About Each Other

Wedding Game Questions to ask Bride and Groom
  1. Who Said “I Love You” first?
  2. Who kisses more passionately?
  3. Who was the first person to surprise each other?
  4. Who gets earlier on the date?
  5. Who’s phone rings during the date?
  6. Who tries to spend more time with each other?
  7. Who was the first to give a gift?
  8. Who loves more surprises and gifts?
  9. Who is more unromantic?
  10. Who was/would be the first to try intimacy?
  11. Who doesn’t get angry quickly?
  12. Who made a handmade craft or gift first?
  13. Who sings a song for a partner?
  14. Who is more likely to pay bills?
  15. Who gets nervous for an outing?
  16. Who’s behavior will change after marriage?
  17. Who orders and takes household items from the market?
  18. Who confesses everything about daily life?
  19. Who is always late?
  20. Who has more friends?

Funny Bride and Groom Trivia Questions About Each Other

Funny Bride and Groom Trivia Questions
  1. Who does video calls first?
  2. Who always makes fun of friends?
  3. Who is a better storyteller?
  4. Who cooks untasty food?
  5. Who loves going on long rides?
  6. Who forgets to call a partner’s guest at a party?
  7. Who loves eating junk food?
  8. Who surprises better on a date night?
  9. Who wins an argument always?
  10. Who doesn’t eat food after a fight?
  11. Who is more likely to go in cars?
  12. Who gets drunk quickly?
  13. Who is more likely to go on public transportation?
  14. Who forgets the direction quickly?
  15. Who was the first to declare their love in public or with friends?
  16. Who shares a better playlist?
  17. Who uploads more photos on social media?
  18. Who flirts more randomly?
  19. Who gets easily angry?
  20. Who tends to doubt every situation?
  21. Who apologizes after a fight?
  22. Who is an introvert?

‘Who is’ Questions for Couples About Each Other?

Who is Questions for Couples
  1. Who is an extrovert?
  2. Who goes to the mall for window shopping and a lot of selfies?
  3. Who checks prices before buying?
  4. Who pays more tips?
  5. Who does yoga better?
  6. Who loves tracking?
  7. Who is more likely to swim in public pools?
  8. Who does massage better?
  9. Who sleeps earlier?
  10. Who will wake up to coffee after marriage?

Final Wording from the Author

This life is so tinythan. Marriage is not only abounding between two souls. But you are going to know each other and your families. So, make sure there is a special bond between you and your partner. To make the bound special, you can use compliments. If you haven’t yet played, would you rather question than play at least once with your partner. had a lot of tips and tricks for you and your partner. We will be here with a new article. Till then, feel free to comment and ask questions.

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