Pranks to do on your boyfriend

Pranks to do on your boyfriend

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Does your boyfriend irritate you with some weird pranks every time? Are you finding for pranks to do on your boyfriend? Stay tuned till the end. We would show you some funny pranks that will make you laugh, and your revenge would be more naughty. Excitement makes your relationship stronger, especially during the initial stages of a relationship. So our main motive for pranks on your boyfriend is to have a lot of fun as a couple. 

You had to create a fake scene that looks entirely genuine for trapping your boyfriend in a prank. If your boyfriend is not a fun-loving person, then try to avoid pranking such people. Now, if you are still thinking about pranking your boyfriend, then keep this thing in mind to keep your pranks safe and harm-free. In any prank, always prepare for a plan B in the case when pranks go too uncomfortable. If you are still willing to read and watch pranks on your boyfriend, read this article until the end.

List of Pranks to do on your boyfriend

It’s always give and take, your boyfriend loves to do weird pranks on you. Like, your boyfriend hid all your clothes from the wardrobe when you were in the bathroom without clothes. So, for now, you have to settle a prank that doesn’t cross the bars. For which it’s not too uncomfortable for you. What you could do in that situation is hide all his shoes and place just one sleeper just before he goes for a party or meeting. 

1: Collaborate with his best friend

If you know your boyfriend’s friend number or are in the same group of friends. You could involve his best friend and plan a prank perfectly. You could plan something from his past blunders or old photos or videos of getting drunk. When you do this, he could be amazed by your work. You need to do proper research for this. If your boyfriend had a past relationship, then you could plan a sudden meeting of your boyfriend and his ex. His face would be worth watching when he got to know that this is just a prank. 

2: Be the animal lover

Everyone loves animals but has an allergic reaction or sometimes hates a specific animal. If your boyfriend hates an animal. Then what you have to do is keep that animal as your pet. Or you could take permission to keep that animal as your pet. You need to show some awkward kinds of animals or photos to your boyfriend. He would be irritated by the pressure you put on him and awful animals. In the end, tell him that it’s all pranks to do on your boyfriend. And enjoy the sweet moment with your boyfriend.

3: spill some food on his laptop or rug

What if we forge spilled over on his laptop or his favorite carpet? Take the white glue and use paint to resemble a spill. For example, use red to resemble a spilled nail polish bottle and brown for coffee. Then apply the dish of your choice to a wax or plastic surface and let it dry completely. Gently lift it and place it on a carpet or laptop to make it look like something has spilled.

4: Fill his shoes with foam. 

This is another good prank to do on your boyfriend – be prepared to replace his shoes if you screw them up – I mean, isn’t it fair? For this prank, his toes fill the hidden part of the boot with foam. Foam can come from shaving cream or shower gel. You cannot permanently damage his shoes or harm your boyfriend in any way. When he puts on his boots, he will be greeted with bubbles and disappointment. With two or three pairs he likes and usually wears, you can achieve the same result more than once.

5: Hide in the closet

In the room or place where they least expect you – and jump off when they open it. This is a classic scare tactic to get you started first because you didn’t expect someone to be in the position. You can hide it in the refrigerator, dryer, and under the bed. Don’t forget to turn off or turn off any electronic devices you hold onto to avoid injury.

6: Ruin his favorite dish

If he has a favorite food, it’s time to change the ingredients. Say you have a favorite dish on the lunch menu, then start cooking by swapping out a few ingredients like salt in place of sugar. Remembering the presentation is essential because it can ruin or destroy the idea of ​​a prank. Record his reaction when he tries to eat it. Then, upload it on social media with hashtag pranks to do on your boyfriend.

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How pranks to do on your boyfriend using a phone works?

1: Fake calls at night might be a scary prank

You will set the alarm on his phone for three in the morning. Prank calls are fun and can be very frustrating when you don’t know what you’re dealing with. With this prank, you will set the alarm on his phone at 3 am on a random day. He would get up at dawn and be confused and upset when he couldn’t understand why the alarm went off.

2: Swap your contact number with his mom

Swap your contacts with his mom and his phone and record him send you a message he should have sent to his mom. The reverse is also amazing. Cooperating with his mom in the giveaway works great, so you can keep it for days. However, these pranks to do on your boyfriend over text could feel a bit weird.

3: Make him think of all the crimes he has done before

Another prank you can make to your boyfriend over text is to write to him, “I know what you’re doing,” and turn off the phone. He will try to contact you, but you will not be contacted. Write him back in a few hours. Stay offline for a while. Continue doing this for as long as you like and feel appropriate. He will always be nervous and upset because he can’t get an answer or direct answer from you, and he won’t know what’s going on.

4: Broken phones are always a heart attack 

Find his phone or a replica of his old phone and smash the screen. Hide his phone, apologize to him with the broken phone and watch him cause a minor heart attack.

Final Wording from Author

This was the end of pranks to do on your boyfriend. If you like pranks and want to read more such articles, then subscribe Persuadeed newsletter. We will be back with a kickass article on relationships. Till then, keep reading and loving.

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