35+ Music Trivia Questions And Answers

Music Trivia Questions And Answers

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For all who are from different countries and have different tastes in everything, there is something that bounds every generation and individual. This is the power of music. Who cares if you’re a hip-hop fanatic? Music connects us in ways that nothing else can. It can make you think or make you dance or hold a lighter up in the air (or, you know, iPhones). Our collection of the most outstanding music trivia questions and answers will stump your friends, and it just may give you some inspiration to make some new playlists to share across a variety of genres, such as hip-hop and other genres.

Challenge your friends with these music trivia questions and answers

Q1: In 1988, which music icon was sentenced to six years in prison?

Answer: James Brown
Just two years after his six-year sentence in May 1988, James Brown was released from jail after serving only two years of his punishment for several crimes, the most famous of which was allegedly leading authorities on a vehicle chase across many different states.

Q2: Destiny’s Child’s smash song “Jumpin, Jumpin” was released in which decade?

Answer 2000’s

Q3: Which Japanese artist was expelled from the country in the 1980s due to marijuana possession?

Answer: Paul McCartney

Q4: Who has had a No. 1 single on the Billboard charts every decade since the 1970s?

Answer: Mariah Carey

Q5: In terms of the music charts, which of Prince’s songs was the biggest hit?

Answer: When Dove’s Cry

Singer-songwriter Prince (born Prince Rogers Nelson) achieved worldwide fame as a singer-songwriter and record producer.

Q6: David Evans, a well-known rock artist in the latter part of the 20th century and into the 21st, goes by what stage name?

Answer: The Edge
U2’s main guitarist, David Evans (aka the Edge), is an Irish rocker most recognized for his work with the band.

Q7: Take Me To Church’s lead singer refers to his girlfriend as “the giggle at” where?

Answer: The Funeral

Q8: What well-known band used to go under the moniker “New Yardbirds”?

Answer: Led Zeppelin

Q9: The actual name of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury was…

Answer: Farrokh Bulsara

Q10: The first album of Nirvana was titled…

Answer: Bleach
Bleach made its premiere in 1989, and the bulk of the album’s tracks were cut at Reciprocal Recording in Seattle, Washington, between 1988 and 1989.

Music trivia questions and answers for Australia

Q1: Which legendary Australian rock band had the smash singles “Friday on My Mind” and “She’s So Fine” in the United States and abroad?

Answer: The Easybeats

Q2: There’s an Australian guitarist who likes to perform in a schoolboy costume.

Answer: Angus Young

Q3: What is the stage name of David Gordon Kirkpatrick, the Australian country music legend?

Answer: Slim Dusty

Q4: which Aussie band’s name is derived from a kind of swimming ?

Answer: Australian Crawl

Q5: Which Australian band’s first album, Frogstomp, was released in 1991?

Answer: Silverchair

Q6: Chrissy Amphlett, the vocalist for the band Divinyls, was born in this Victorian town?

Answer: Geelong

Q7: Cold Chisel’s Australian rock anthem “Khe Sanh” has as its subject matter the Vietnam War.

Answer: The Vietnam War

Q8: Which Australian band has performed in front of the country’s biggest audience at a concert ever?

Answer: The Seekers

Q9: Tell us about the Aussie band that famously sang about “traveling in a fried-out Kombi.”

Answer: Men at Work

Q10: In addition to their five top-charting albums, Frogstomp (1995), Freak Show (1997), Neon Ballroom (1999), Diorama (2002), and Young Modern (2007), the band also had three top-charting singles on the ARIA Singles Chart: Tomorrow (1994), Freak (1997), and Straight Lines (1998) on the ARIA Albums chart (2007). What band are you thinking of?

Answer: Silverchair. Originally named as Innocent Criminals.

Music Trivia Questions and Answers for BTS Fan army

Q1: Who was the creator of BTS?

Answer: RM

Q2: BTS was completed by whom in last?

Answer: Jimin

Q3: Which album was this song called “Spring Day”?

Answer: You Never Walk Alone

Q4: Which of Jimin’s acts has him flipping J-Hope over?

Answer: “We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2”

Q5: With the Her Song, which series was started?

Answer: Love Yourself Series

Q6: In what year did Run BTS premiere?

Answer: 2015

Q7: Which song was copy of Blackpink’s Ice cream?

Answer: “2nd Grade”

Q8: Which Run BTS episode is this?

Answer: “The Taste of Korea”

Q9: When did V create the meaning of “purple” for BTS and ARMY?

Answer: Third Muster

Q10: How many mixtapes have BTS members collectively released?

Answer: More than 5

Music Trivia Questions and Answers For Ariana Grade and Tylor Swift Fans

Q1. How old is Ariana Grande?

Answer: 28 years

Q2. How many dogs does Ariana grande have?

Answer: 9 dogs

Q3. What song did Ariana grande do with Lady Gaga?

Answer: Rain on Me

Q4. Who is Ariana grande husband?

Answer: Dalton Gomez

Q5. How old is Taylor Swift?

Answer: 31 Years

Q 6. Does Taylor swift have any siblings?

Answer: Austin Swift

Q7. At what age did Taylor start singing?

Answer: In 2004, at age 14

Q8. how many cats does Taylor swift has?

Answer: three kitties — Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button

Q9. how old is Selena Gomez?

Answer: 29 years

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