Mr and Mrs Questions: Funny, Dirty, and Tricky Quiz Questions

Mr and Mrs Questions

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Are you finding for Mr and Mrs Questions just like a TV Game Show? You will be seeing some awesome funny, dirty, and tricky Mr and Mrs Questions here. The way long back, people were going on air to find out how well they knew their partner. But with the advanced technology, it has become easy for everyone to access and play with these Mr and Mrs Questions. To make it easier, we will be presenting you with some of the best styles to present your quiz. Our primary focus would be on how well these questions would look among different kinds of couples. For example, you can’t ask unmarried couples about their wedding dates or how many babies they have because they would not find these questions relevant. 

Mr and Mrs Questions Rude

1. Did you have sex on the first week of dating?

2. If you had to place food on your body and your partner would lick it off, what food would you put?

3. Would you follow No Nut November or break the rules in less than a week?

4. What position would make your partner orgasm?

5. Tell about the riskiest place where you reached orgasm?

6. How much size of the bride had increased from the first date to now?

7. If you had to make a whole quarantine with your partner, how would you spend it?

8. If you had to sell your partner on an online portal, what qualities would you tell others?

9. Whom of you two had more crushes over the time?

10. Who of you two is hornier all the time?

11. Have you ever had something cozy open air?

12. How many types of kisses have you tried before?

Mr and Mrs Questions In The Beginning

1. What did she think when she saw you first?

2. What was she wearing when you saw her first

3. Who was the first to kiss?

4. What was the topic of your first argument

5. When was the first time you had your first sex?

6. What are you most likely to argue about?

7. What were you wearing when you first met?

8. What was the first time you realized you were in love?

9. What day it when you first met her parents?

10. What was the first question you asked her?

11. Did you ever make her pay for something or on a date?

12. What happened after the first date? Did you say anything?

13. How long did you wait to purpose?

14. Did your partner ever write something romantic, for which you cried for hours?

15. When was the first time you told your friends about your partner?

16. Did you ever say “I Love You” in front of others?

Mr and Mrs questions funny.

1. What is something she doesn’t like in a meal?

2. Did she have any celebrity crush?

3. Did she loves her nickname given by you?

4. If she is a superhero, why would she marry you?

5. Did she love fast food or homemade food?

6. If you had to change your name and take her help to suggest a good reputation, what would she tell you?

7. Did she afraid of anything, which she never admitted?

8. If she got one lakh dollars, what would she do first?

9. If her apartment was on fire, what would she go to pick?

10. Did she love or hate animals?

11. What was the most attractive attire you wore and she loved?

12. Did she love her first job or current job most?

13. If she had to choose between her dream car and dream house, what would she choose?

14. Heels or flats?

15. If she had to spend her life as a guide, what holiday location would she choose?

16. How many children does she wants?

17. How many kids does she want?

18. If she had to describe you in 3 words, how would she describe you?

19. What’s her size of shoes? ( You could even ask bra size.)

20. If she could enjoy any guilty pleasure?

21. If your life was a movie, what would be her role, and who would be playing it?

22. What smell of perfume is which she doesn’t like?

23. Did the bride loves to eat chocolate?

24. What is something that irritates you in her?

25. Whom among you two drives better?

26. If you were her pet, what would you like to be?

27. Would you instead cook for her or order food online?

Mr and Mrs paddle questions

1. If you were a celebrity, would you still marry her?

2. If he had to choose between One thousand Dollars and you, whom would he choose?

3. If he had a chance to choose a celebrity body for you, whom would he choose?

4. If he had to choose between food and you, whom would he choose?

5. If you were on sale, what qualities would he mention about you?

6. If you both are standing together, whom would people find more attractive?

7. Would he rather love pizza or a subway burger?

8. Who will drive the car better among you and him?

9. What was the first salary he got?

10. Does he prefer wearing formal or casual more?

11. What do you expect from him to impress you?

12. If your love story would be a movie, which hero could play his role better?

13. If she had to make a 6 by 6 feet board and write one of the mistakes, what would it be according to you?

14. If she had to guess you from 100 men by one body part, what would it be?

15. What color are his eyes?

16. Whom among you too is the boss?

17. What is his favorite sport?

18. Do you remember his shoe size?

19. How often did he bathe in winters?

20. If he had to plan a holiday for you, where would he plan?

Final Wording from Author

We are at the end of these beautiful Mr and Mrs questions. You could try these questions almost on the wedding day or plan before the function start. To give you a whole idea about how you could plan these, you could make a list of questions you will ask bride and groom and take the answer about them from them. And in the final, you have to arrange Mr and Mrs questions quiz and match the answer they told you before. Feel free to comment below the post. 

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