Most Spoken Language in The World

Most Spoken Language in The World

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Have you ever imagined what the origin of speaking languages was? Then check this most spoken language in the world’s origin. TBH for the geeks of language, choosing the most spoken language in the world could be a difficult task. We are just hoping that the top 10 languages would have English, Spanish and Chinese on the top of the list. But there are many questions related to all the languages spoken right now in the world. 

Do we know the greatest of all-time GOAT Language in 2021? What’s more interesting is that we still don’t know how many languages are there. If you are finding the answer to what is the most spoken language in the world. Then English is the most spoken language in the world, with 1.348 billion total speakers. But before starting all this, let’s tell you what native and non-native speakers of any language are? And how will we decide the most spoken languages in the world? Is English the most spoken language in the world with solo Native Speakers?

Native or Non-native speakers- Points that make some difference

Sometimes the true meaning of native speakers of a language is the question. A child who has learned a language from their parents and just after hearing them. So many of the non-native speakers try to conflict this with different reasons, like both husband and wife are professors for university. If they had a baby and learned English from birth, why don’t someone consider them native English speakers? The reason behind this could be the 2nd language would have a great impact on him. His second language is his first language. You can’t develop a fake accent in your child from birth. This is why native speaking is important and different in every region of the world. 

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Let’s tell you a fun fact that just like everyone has a native language in which they are fluent. But, everyone also knows the second language which they leared with growing up. So, the most spoken language in the world could be counted by adding the number of native speakers and people who have a second language. 

List of most spoken languages in the world

1: English: The Language of Sky

According to Ethnologue, English is the most spoken language globally, with 1.348 billion total speakers. It is also the official language of the sky. So if you were traveling in a plane, the pilot must have English as his first language or second language. The interesting fact about the English language is that it just has 369.9 million native speakers. Among which we found three major categories of native speakers. From USA, UK, and Australia. The difference between all these languages is accent change. This is also because all three countries have the same branch of language, i.e., Germanic languages. Germanic languages were the branch of origin for German, Dutch, and English.

2: Mandarin Chinese: Most Spoken Language for Native Speakers

Mandarin Chinese has 1.120 billion total speakers. According to the world bank, china’s current population is 1.402 billion. Let’s tell you why this become important. Because China has been forcing Chinese people to speak Mandarin Chinese. This is why 921.2 million are native Mandarin Chinese speakers out of 1.120 billion.

3rd Most Spoken language Hindi

You may not know what phonetic languages are. But let us give you a glimpse of that first and tell you why Hindi is popular among phonetic languages. The pronunciation of Hindi is simple and the same as you write Hindi. Hindi has 600 million total speakers. Out of which 342.2 million are native Hindi speakers. 

4: Spanish: Easiest language to learn

Spanish has 543 million total speakers. Spanish culture has a great impact on language. This is the main reason why the Spanish language is in the top 5 most spoken languages globally. This is not only true for Spain but also among many Latin American-speaking countries. Learning the Spanish language is very easy today. The Spanish language has two different tongues: one is Castilian, and the other is Catalan. To summarize this, more than just learning the Spanish language, people enjoy a complete package of Spain culture including food, warm, welcoming nature of Spain people and celebrations. 

5: Standard Arabic: Fourth Most-Used Language Online

According to the Statista website, standard Arabic is the fourth most-used language online. You might be thinking then what three are on top of the list. The list is the same except for Hindi. Standard Arabic has 350 million total speakers. Arabic has different tongues: Egyptian, Maghrebi, Gulf, Levantine, Mesopotamian, Sudanese, Yemeni, etc. This might be controversial for many non-native speakers to list such a language with that much variation. Maybe this is why Wikipedia still doesn’t know how many of them are native speakers of Standard Arabic. 

6: Bengali: zero discriminant and gender-free language

6th Most Spoken language bangla

Bengali or Bangala has 268 million total speakers. Bengali is the state language of Bangladesh. And this is the second language from India, which is on the list of most spoken languages in the world. The constitution of India recognizes Bengali speaking. This comes under Indo-Aryan languages. All the Indo-Aryan languages have been developed from Sanskrit. And it is said that this has been in existence after 3000 years of breaking off from Sanskrit. A fun fact about Bengali is that it doesn’t specify any gender and discrimination. 

7: French: Rich Culture and literature

French is the seventh most spoken language in the world, with 267 million total speakers. The native speakers of French are less than half of the total speakers, to be exact 79.6 million. French is in the 6 official languages of the USA. Just as English this also comes from the Indo-European family. This has been mostly spoken among France, Congo (DRC), Canada, Cameroon, Belgium, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Haiti.

8: Russian: The language of war and piece

With 258 million total speakers, Russian is the eighth most spoken language in the world. You must be known to Russian mafia movies. Countries like Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, etc. These countries are those Russian is the official language. Since it could be the official language of war and peace, we have a very small population who speak Russian in the USA. You might have seen a person with a full arm tattoo. This could be the person who knows Russian fluently around you. 

9: Portuguese: Only 5% of Portugal knows this language

Portuguese is the official language of nine different countries. The total number of people who speak this language is 258 million. The reason why Portuguese is at number 9 and with the same number of people speaking Russian is that they slightly differ. Still, Portuguese has 232 Million Native Speakers. And with this, Portuguese is the 6th most spoken language in the world by the number of native speakers.

10: Urdu: Grandchild of Arabic and Persian

With the 230 million speakers of Urdu, it is the 10th most spoken language in the world. There is a mixed dialect of the language. With the beauty and grace in Urdu, it seems to be the most sophisticated language in the world. The reading and writing of Urdu are quite different from other languages. Unlike other languages, Urdu is written from right to left. You could try searching a page in Urdu on google. You would see a mirror image like search results. 

Final Wording from Author

This was the end of the most spoken language in the world. Some of you might be thinking that you know a language that is not on the list. To see the reason, you first need to know that how many languages are there. There are more than 6500 languages in the world. These are those which are known around the world. We can’t even count the name of all the languages. It could take much time for you all. 

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