Fairytale Kingdom Names

Fairytale Kingdom Names

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Are you finding for mythical and magical kingdom names? Just pick fairytale kingdom names for Minecraft or any other game. When you read our suggestions and backstory of fairytale kingdom names, you will forget to use your own names. 

Making your kingdom is such a relief and a proud moment for everyone. But wait, have you thought what name would you give to your kingdom. What would you say to your friends when they ask you that what is your kingdom’s name? Don’t worry; we have some good kingdom names for you all. 

Dark Kingdom Names

Empire of Korova

Korova is a Russian word when you will use a translator to search this word. You will be thinking like why will someone name their kingdom Korova. Google translates from Russian to English of Korova is cow. But in fairytale kingdom names, it means a jail escape companion you bring along to eat him.

Geisterfahrer’s Dynasty/ Falschfahrer’s Dynasty

We will not help you with pronunciations of Geisterfahrer’s dynasty. You could learn this by yourself. Here we will tell you the meaning of Geisterfahrer’s dynasty. Geisterfahrer is a German word meaning death racer. So you must be known to death racer. Death Racer is a driver who Intentionally drives into oncoming vehicles. And here Dynasty means king or ruler of the country.

Rhaphanidosis Kingdom

This word comes from Greek mythology. The meaning of the Rhaphanidosis is assaulting an adulteress with horseradish root. So, you may think this is quite dark yet good among fairytale kingdom names. 

Tsujigiri Kingdom

Tsujigiri is a Japanese word. The meaning of the word is using your blade to slay an unknown stranger. So, this word can be a fairytale kingdom. So, it could be an amazing name for you to start your Minecraft kingdom with this fairytale kingdom names.

Snokhachestvo Kingdom

Snokhachestvo is a Russian word. Before telling you the meaning of this word, we want to say that only use this name if you are an adult as the meaning of this word is turning your daughter-in-law into your sex slave.

Empire of Wa’ada

We hit another dark word while searching for fairytale kingdom names. And the word is Wa’ada. The word is an Arabic word, and it means to bury one’s infant daughter alive.

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12 Superb fairytale kingdom names

Empier of writchEmpier of jordahEmpier of arneal
Mourice KingdomRaggit KingdomTeger Kingdom

Funny Kingdom Names

This is tough to choose from different Funny Kingdom Names, especially for your fantasy land. It’s quite amazing to name your kingdom funnily. If your friends are some dead brains, then give them a life with these funny kingdom names:

Zombie Kingdom: Those who have friends without self-will or are held to have died and been supernaturally reanimated.

Invisible Kingdom: For those Minecraft lovers who tried to hide in the crowd. These fairytale kingdom names could be pretty crazy and match your personality also. 

BTS Fans Kingdom: South Korean Band BTS has its shades all over the world. And its fans are among all places. Then how could you forget that in fairytale kingdom names? As a nod to the resilience of youth, the name has been chosen. The Bangtan Boys are a well-known name in South Korea. In the last several years, they’ve changed their name to Beyond the Scene, which we believe is a way to appeal to a wider audience.

Empire of Addicts: Addicts could be anything for games, for drugs, alcohol. When it comes to fairytale kingdom names, Empire of Addicts looks perfectly fine in a funny manner.

Empier of convessEmpier of predentIllw’s Empier
Eyoy’s EmpierGwild’s EmpierDowge Kingdom
Zennow’s KingdomLindle’s KingdomTembler’s kingdom

Fairytale Kingdom Names- Geographically Sorted 

Chernarus: Have you ever played the Russian video game ArmA 2. This fairytale kingdom name comes from a place inside the games. 

Fallout Kingdom: You must be listening to this amazing game series. This is why we placed this in fairytale kingdom names


Empire of baybeyBieble’s kingdomuberaland
AkowlandPizerlandDeeden kingdom
Wetch kingdomTanus’s Kingdomyandeland
Peralle’s kingdomEmpire of humbalwhaitland
Empire of TiddelsEmpire of buffanoDenate’s kingdom
pintelandLand of wartersMondy’s Empire
Empire of champinohyndalandEmpier of moremon
Omain’s kingdomGadging’s KingdomEmpire of kojang

Final Wording from Author

This was the end for fairytale kingdom names. We hope you loved this fairytale kingdom names list. If you loved these kingdom name ideas, then let us know in the comments. We will be back with some great kingdom names and meanings. Till then, keep reading. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for the latest updates.

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