How to Tell Your Crush You Like Them?

how to tell your crush you like them

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Somehow and someday, everyone had to confess for love. And the toughest part of all this will be how to tell your crush you like them. You can’t stop imagining your future together every time you listen to love music. Have you saved most of their images from your collection, and you check their IG 100 times a day? We’re sorry to let you know. It’s a crush here. And since you have felt great, it’s time to let them know how you feel.

When we ask people how they feel about telling their crush that we like them; we got surprised by their answers. Only 2 out of 10 dare to confess for their love to crush and you can also know about how to tell your crush you like them. We know it is not as easy as everyone is thinking. But it has nothing to panic about; there are many ways to say that you like him. You simply need to choose one that best fits your personality and utilize it in many ways. You may fail on your first try, but ultimately you will accomplish it quite easily with a lot of practice. Also, the days are passed when only a guy could move first. So be a lady of trust and come to your crush. These easy methods will assist you.

Give Some Hints to Your Crush

You can use some jokes or some kind of story as a hint to tell your crush. This could work in case you are extra nervous. If they are interested in you, they will help you to confess or cooperate with you. Sending flirty or dirty text could be a part of the hinting game. This will make a bond between you and your crush. She would start assuming your friendship as a relationship.

Set a Deadline For Proposing Them 

You can set a date to propose to them. The best-case scenario would be their birthday or the day before their last day at college. In case you are going to propose to them on their birthday. Plan a surprise for them. Order a cake, maybe a heart shape the old school style. Or simply order a cake with some tags on the top and write your feelings on these tags. This is going to be easier for you. As when they are going to read before cutting the cake, they will know your feelings. Just be ready for this moment. This is just an example now you have to think about the date you believe is perfect.

Pick Your Choice of Place For Plans

Like we said before, if you guys are colleagues or friends, there will probably be many plans, some with friends and some of you. In a scenario when you are both, take the chance and take advantage of it. Select a location that clearly appears lovely and comfortable, or if a film plot is created, choose a rom-com. You may also go together to a massage spa together. One session is all it takes to obtain the clue.

Confident With Your Partner and Wording

Some people are overconfident with a crush, and others are less confident that they aren’t even ready to propose. Both cases would make your case go wrong for you. If you are just speaking with your partner, what anyone else has told you to say or you have checked them on the internet. Then they would have a fact check for that, and you will be in a bad situation. So, you have to speak what you really are. Just take some time to be confident and genuine. 

Give a Personal Touch to Your Conversations

Take a small private chat once in a while. In addition to all the usual things you speak about, ask them why they like to talk with you, or why they love staying with you, etc. You will know if they have a crush on you as well. Talks are one of the greatest methods of knowing whether they like you and telling them you like them. And you can talk without direct words if you know how to do it.

Respect the Feeling of Others

If you are ready to purpose someone, then get ready for heartbreak, as everyone has a feeling and heart. So, maybe whom you are proposing is already committed to someone. Or not ready for a relationship with you. So, for a final time, make sure you are saying what you feel but will listen to replies that another person feels. Not how a movie ends. 

Mention Your Name in Between Your Conversations

It doesn’t matter how much you talk; make sure you include your name in those discussions. For example, you may tell him that I would have done that and so on if I were your girlfriend. When you do it frequently, he gets the impression that you never know you may be his girlfriend one day.

Consider How You Would Feel If You Didn’t Tell Them

This is the worst-case scenario. Think of it, what if you didn’t tell them that you love them. Maybe, in any case, you would find a situation where they could know how you feel without telling them. Or they are already committed to someone. They are ready for marriage commitment only which you are not ready for.

Moreover, how about your crush moving out of your life as you have not told them anything. Maybe it’s just affection, not love. But, it is going to affect 2 lives, so don’t decide on your own.

Final Wording from Author

This was the end for how to tell your crush you like them. You would found thousands of tricks and tips on telling your crush that you like them. But no one is going to purpose on your behalf. You just feel it and go for it. Further, for a final tip, stay positive and maintain eye contact while telling your crush that you like them.

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