How to start a conversation with a random girl?

How to start a conversation with a random girl

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”How to start a conversation with a random girl?” Most boys want an answer to this question. But even though there are several answers available on the internet, most of them are useless. So today, we came with useful and exciting ways to start a conversation with a random girl. I bet these ways will definitely work for you!

Here are our own ‘tested’ and valuable ways to start a conversation with a random girl! In all of them, one thing is common, which is constant eye contact!

1) Approach her Politely 

If you really want to start a conversation with a random girl, then you should directly approach her and ask, ‘how is she?” and then tell me about yourself. Also, to make things work in your favor, try to create and maintain eye contact. 

You can quickly know if she’s interested in talking or not with just those three words. And if she’s interested, then you can further ask about her education or profession, interests, common interests. Don’t forget to tell me about yourself also!

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If she’s not interested in the conversation, then you should not go further!

2) Compliment on something personal!

It can be an excellent way to start a conversation with a random girl by complimenting on some personal features/looks or apparel. It can be very helpful if you compliment something they wear rather than commenting on their looks because girls will not find it too cheesy. 

For example, if you compliment a girl on the sticker on the t-shirt, she’s wearing. Then you can pull off a conversation. For example, if she’s wearing a ‘Yoda’ T-shirt, then it may be possible that she’s a Star Wars fan. Through that, you can carry on the conversation. 

Don’t forget to make eye contact throughout the whole conversation. Then, after starting it, you can turn the conversation towards yourself and get to know each other. 

You can start the conversation by complimenting them on:-

  • Jewelry
  • Clothes
  • Tatto
  • Hair Color

And also, if she’s ignoring the conversation, then it will be good to take your steps back!

3) Start a conversation on Common Interests.

If you want to start a conversation with a random girl from your office, school, or college, then you can start by asking something about common interests. For example, if a girl is from your office, then you can ask about her field or office position or in which area she works. 

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This can help you to carry on a conversation about your workplace or school, and then you can start a personal conversation. Ultimately, you will begin interacting with each other.

Also, if she’s not interested in conversation from the start, it’s better to end the conversation.

4) Start a conversation about Pop Culture.

This can be a perfect way to start and continue the conversation as there is so much to discuss pop culture. You can start with some very popular artists or bands or web-shows, like Billie Ellish or BTS, popular anime, web series. 

If you hit the point, then you can easily carry on the conversation. But don’t forget to read the girl’s signs. If she’s interested, she will also ask about your interests and will talk genuinely. 

If she’s not interested, then you should not make an effort.

5) Talk about surroundings

This is another different but interesting way to start a conversation with a random girl. You can talk about the surroundings like if you are on a bus, you can talk about the weather. If you’re in a building, then you can talk about architecture. 

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This way, you can start a conversation and then take the conversation towards personal interests. 

These all ways are helpful in most cases. Also, to make things work, you should be polite well dressed! 

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