How to start a conversation on Match

How to start a conversation on Match

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Are you struggling to think of saying the right thing to your perfect match? You must have heard about; it’s a dating app for single girls and boys who are looking for their partners. Several young people register on match, but they face issues about how to start a conversation on match. This article will tell you about the most efficient methods or tricks to start a conversation on the match.

In the process of starting up a conversation with your mutual match, knowing how to begin is half the battle. Even so, chatting with someone you have never met is never easy, especially when you’ve never spoken before.

It’s okay to be nervous-even the best of us experience it sometimes! But, this thing can’t stop you from meeting your one and only. Your relationship can follow the footsteps of countless other successful couples who swiped up and found their true love in life.

Pick a question from the bio and ask them.

Instead of trying to act how interesting you are, be interested in the other person. You will get your time too, but for now, focus on getting to know more about the other person. You will feel less nervous if you don’t focus on yourself!

You can ask them about their favorite food, places, drinks, persons, hobbies; once all this starts, ask deep questions about these things to keep the conversation going.

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When you shift your focus to your match, you may find that it is easy to communicate and get to know one another!

How to start a conversation on Match

An appropriate compliment will go a long way.

Those on the other side of the screen will most certainly appreciate your authenticity regarding what intrigues you about their (appropriate) physical characteristics.

If you notice their accomplishments in their biography or their sense of humor, you may also want to compliment them based on these things too.

Playing fun games makes the conversation interesting.

Once you have started the conversation, the next thing you should do is keep the conversation going to get to know each other very well. This is possible if both of you engage in an interesting discussion. 

You can make a conversation interesting by playing fun games like quizzes about celebrities, movies, sports or other things as per your mutual interest. These quizzes or fun games will also lead you to fascinating new conversations.

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Take them out for coffee or dinner.

When you come to know the other person a little, you can ask them to go out for a meal or drink. Of course, this trick works for people having mutual interests. But this is very important because some people communicate in a better way when they meet someone physically. 

When you are doing text messages, it carries the information but not the emotions. So when the person you like is sitting in front of you, you can do something better in order to make your relationship strong.

Make them laugh

If you want to win their heart, make them laugh, send them a funny picture, video, or GIF! It is also a straightforward way to find out whether you are of similar humor and feel more relaxed and comfortable. 

You might even think about sending some cheesy lines. Of course, it might be true that everyone doesn’t like it, but who knows; they might work for you. 

Having a conversation about food can really help.

We all love to eat delicious food items. However, when it comes to girls, they are more curious about eating and talking about food. So if you can start a conversation like – What’s your favorite food? What do you like in desserts? How about an ice cream date? Do you like coffee? Etc.

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Let’s plan something fun together.

Consider starting a conversation by sharing common interests! For example, have you noticed how much they enjoy rock climbing or golfing? You can suggest going together to one of their favorite spots. Do not hesitate to ask them if they would be willing to teach you something even if you don’t know much about the things they seem interested in.

By doing this, you can find common ground, show your interest in their interests, and show them you’re willing to try something new.

Ask for their contact number.

You can’t do everything in text messages to make your match feel special; you need to move further by asking them their contact number so that you can talk and listen to each other’s voices every day. 

But it’s not an easy task to get their number by just simply asking for it; you must try some excellent tricks to get their number. For example- you can ask. 

  • Oh, it’s too funny, let me send it to you, I don’t know, but it’s showing an error. What to do now? Can I send it to your number?
  • You are selling your car, one of my friends was asking for it, give me your number, I will ask him to call you.

These kinds of tricks you can use to ask for their number. 


We have explained to you the best possible ways about how to start a conversation on a match. However, we want you to try these tricks with your match in your real life as well and share your experiences with us if these tricks worked for you or not. 

We always encourage our readers by saying that Don’t hold back! You may not fall in love at first sight, but you could come by again? Maybe the spot next to you will become the happiest place on earth for the other person! So keep trying, don’t feel bad when someone rejects you; stay positive. This is life, and things keep moving.

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